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General Information
Real name: Bruce Wayne
First Appearance: Batman: Arkham Asylum (Detective Comics #27 May 1939)
Created by: Bob Kane
Bill Finger
Affiliations: GCPD
James Gordon
Wayne Enterprises
Abilities: Genius-level intelligence
Master detective
Master escapologist
Peak human physical condition
Master martial artist
Access to high tech equipment
Portrayed by: Roger Craig Smith (Voice)
Kevin Conroy (Voice)

"I am vengeance! I am the night! I am Batman!"

Batman is the name of the masked vigilante that battles crime and corruption in Gotham City. Behind the mask, he is billionaire playboy philanthropist Bruce Wayne, owner of Wayne Enterprises.



Young Bruce mourns his parents

When his parents were gunned down in front of him, young Bruce Wayne resolved to rid Gotham City of the criminal element that took their lives. He trained extensively to achieve mental and physical perfection, in addition to mastering martial arts, detective techniques, and criminal psychology. Dressing as a bat to prey on criminals' fears, Batman fights crimes with the aid of specialized gadgets and vehicles, operating out of his secret Batcave below Wayne Manor.

Batman: Arkham Origins Edit

On Christmas Eve, Batman intervenes in a breakout at Blackgate penitentiary led by Black Mask. There, Black Mask executes Police Commissioner Loeb and then escapes while Batman confronts Black Mask's hired assassin Killer Croc. After defeating Croc, Batman learns that some of the world's deadliest assassins are in Gotham City to claim the $50 million bounty put on Batman's head by Black Mask. Batman makes his way to Jezebel Plaza to interrogate an arms dealer named Ricky 'Loose Lips' Leblanc and sees Loose Lips and Penguin's gang making an arms deal with an unknown criminal gang. Upon beating the thugs at the arms deal and capturing Loose Lips, Batman attempts to interrogate him by stranglehold. However, his attempt unintentionally knocks him unconscious instead.

After Loose Lips awakens, Batman starts to interrogate him up on the roof of the clock tower, then Batman got his phone and drops Loose Lips off the roof and straight into the Christmas tree. Batman tracks down the Penguin aboard his ship, believing he knows Black Mask's location. After arriving, Batman is forced to overcome the assassins Deathstroke and Electrocutioner, before learning from Penguin that there was a murder at Black Mask's safe house in Lacey Towers. Batman discovers that Anarky is placing bombs all over Gotham so decide to deactivate the bombs. Batman travels to the towers and investigates the murder scene, piecing together that the victim was not Black Mask, and the murder may have involved a new criminal known as "the Joker".

Needing more information to solve the case, Batman infiltrates the GCPD to access the National Criminal Database. In the midst of his escape, Batman encounters the newly promoted Commissioner James Gordon, and the corrupt SWAT team who hope to eradicate Gordon and collect Black Mask's bounty money for themselves. With advice from Gordon's daughter Barbara, Batman enters the sewers beneath the GCPD to secure permanent access to the database. There, he finds Black Mask's crew planting explosives. The database helps Batman uncover that Black Mask was kidnapped by the Joker, who Batman believes intends to use Black Mask to access the Gotham Merchants Bank.

Exiting the sewer, Batman encounters the Mad Hatter's mind-controlled henchmen, who sing a nursery rhyme inviting him to a “party” hosted by the Mad Hatter. The Mad Hatter then contacts Batman, explaining he had a business proposal; a girl then cries for help, before the Hatter silences her. At the bank, Batman encounters Black Mask, who is revealed to be the Joker in disguise: the Joker had replaced Black Mask days earlier, seizing his criminal empire and placing the bounty on Batman. Leaving the bank into Jezebel Plaza, Batman heard a baby crying in a carriage, but it turns out to be a recording. He is then encountered by one of the assassins, Shiva. Batman then pursues the Joker to the Sionis Steel Mill, where he frees Black Mask, and defeats the poisonous assassin Copperhead. Batman discovers an S.O.S and the helicopter was shot down by Deadshot, one of the assassins.

Tracking the Joker to the Royal Hotel, Batman finds that he and his men have taken control of the building, filled it with explosives, murdered the staff, and taken the guests hostage. Joker gathers the assassins about their failure to kill Batman, and throws Electrocutioner out of a window to his death: Batman recovers his electric gloves. The assassins depart except for Bane who believes Batman is coming for the Joker. Batman works his way through the building, eventually encountering Joker and fighting Bane.

Concerned Batman is outmatched, Alfred alerts the GCPD for help, who arrive and interrupt the fight. As Bane escapes by helicopter he fires a rocket at Joker, and the concussive force sends Joker falling from the hotel. Batman leaps after and saves the Joker before leaving him with the GCPD. The Joker is left intrigued by the events as he is imprisoned in Blackgate, and placed in the care of Dr. Harleen Quinzel. Talking to Quinzel, he explains that he now believes it was fate for he and Batman to meet.

In the Batcave, Alfred implores Batman to abandon his crusade, fearing he will die, but Batman refuses to listen. Batman enters the GCPD morgue and scanning the body of a Venom User. Locating Bane's hideout, Batman heard the GCPD Dispatcher that the Venom shipment was behind by Bird, Bane's lieutenant. Batman locates Bane's headquarters and discovers that Bane knows Batman is Bruce Wayne. Firefly launches an assault on the Pioneer Bridge, forcing Batman and Gordon to work together to overcome the assassin and his bombs. Meanwhile, Bane breaks into the Batcave and beats Alfred nearly to death. Batman returns to find the Batcave in ruins: Alfred dies after requesting that Batman not feel guilty over him. Batman manages to resuscitate Alfred using the Electrocutioner's gloves. Elsewhere, the Joker has taken over Blackgate after launching a riot.

Finally accepting that he needs allies, Batman works with Gordon and the GCPD to retake the prison. Batman is forced to fight Bane to the death when Joker places himself in an electric chair that will automatically kill him unless Bane dies: Batman uses the electric gloves to shock Bane to death. Satisfied, the Joker leaves, intending to detonate the bombs placed around the city. Batman resuscitates Bane, but he becomes enraged and injects himself with a prototype of Titan, known as TN-1, which transforms him into a hulking beast: Batman manages to defeat him, and the steroid's side effects damage Bane's memory.

With Gordon's help, Batman fights his way to the Joker in the prison chapel. Dismayed to learn that Batman saved Bane, the Joker tries to goad Batman into killing him, but Batman subdues him. Gordon decides to let Batman go, believing he can help the city. He then spent his time solving various murders throughout the city and mopping up. Eventually, after solving some murders that hit too close to home, as well as barely restraining himself from killing the murderer in anger over the deaths, he was contacted by James Gordon with the request to bring in 20 criminals who escaped from Blackgate due to the Joker's earlier riot. After successfully subduing all twenty, he requested that Gordon in exchange tell the GCPD to back off so he can do things his way, also telling him not to wait for too long, as he suspected that a similar event to what they just quelled will occur in the near future.

Cold Cold HeartEdit

Six days later, on New Years Eve, Bruce Wayne hosted a cocktail party honoring Ferris Boyle, the CEO of GothCorp for winning the Humanitarian of the year award. Wayne, when told by Alfred that Boyle is likely to be competition for Gotham's most philanthropic industrialist, simply stated that Gotham needed more people like Boyle. They then greeted each other, with Wayne telling Boyle he'll change the world before Boyle was escorted out by Alfred to meet with the news reporters.

Shortly afterwards, just as they were about to count down to the New Year, an cryogenic-based explosive occurred in the ballroom, freezing several of the guests, and several members of the Penguin's gang did an armed takeover of the ballroom. Shortly afterwards, an enigmatic, blue-skinned, armored individual entered the ballroom, and after ruthlessly throwing a trapped guest and freezing him, demanded for Ferris Boyle. Wayne then tried to contact Alfred with this development.

However, he left the room due to Alfred not responding, only to be ambushed by a Penguin thug with a rifle butt to the face. Meanwhile, Alfred is trying to fend off against several members of Penguin's gang, although he ended up knocked out by one of the thugs by knocking a vase into him. Seizing the opportunity, Wayne managed to knock out his assailants before attending to Alfred, who merely stated that he's "been through worse." Wayne then told Alfred that, although he doesn't know why Penguin's gang wanted Ferris Boyle, he did know that there was an enigmatic armored man leading them.

Deciding that Batman was needed once more, Alfred discreetly informed Wayne that he should access the Batcave to don the batsuit. Wayne originally planned to go directly to the Batcave via the study. However, because the reporters were in the study, Wayne and Alfred decided that the former should access the Batcave via the wine cellar. While talking to Vicki Vale, Wayne learned that Boyle never made it to the interview.

While following the path to the Batcave, Wayne passed through the library, where he had to dispatch several of the Penguin's thugs as the entire mansion had been overrun by the gang. He also did this stealthfully as they were armed and he was ill-equipped to do direct confrontation with them. He then accessed the wine cellar, beating up more thugs, before accessing the Batcave entrance at the Wine Cellar's tasting room by pulling down the barrel portion of a statue and then using hand-scanning equipment to access it.

He also had to be very careful while accessing the underground path to the Batcave, as the path still suffered extensive damage from Bane's earlier attack on Wayne Manor. Upon accessing the elevator, Wayne was contacted by Alfred, being informed that the mechanized man's identity was "Mister Freeze," and suggested that he don the Extreme Environment (XE) batsuit.

However, because the suit wasn't fully tested, as well as learning that helicopters were arriving delivering more of the Penguin's gang, Wayne instead donned his regular Batsuit for the time being, while deciding to have Alfred put the finishing touches on the suit. In addition, his glue grenades were unavailable because the formula used was unstable, with the remaining doses decomposing by that time. While making his way back, the power unexpectedly went out, with Alfred telling Batman to hurry as the manor is being set ablaze by the Penguin's men (the Penguin had earlier ordered his men to torch the manor) before he ended up caught by the Penguin's thugs. Batman then rushed to get to Alfred, also fighting several of Penguin's thugs. He eventually discovered Alfred and the reporters being held hostage in the library, with the Wayne Crest blocking the exit. After dispatching the criminals, Batman led them to safety to the Study, with Boyle's secretary telling them that Penguin's thugs have cornered Boyle, and that they are most likely trying to kill him.

Batman then told Alfred to use the sprinklers to put out the fires (although because of the presence of the guests nearby, both Batman and Alfred had to talk in a way that indicated they were total strangers to throw off suspicion about Bruce Wayne and Batman being the same individual). Batman then encountered the thugs and managed to subdue them. However, Mr. Freeze interfered shortly thereafter and froze Batman in place with enough cryogenic fuel to stun Batman, telling the caped crusader that he has no quarrel with him and only wants Boyle.

Boyle then recognized Mr. Freeze as Victor Fries and protested as he is being led away. Batman then burst free of his icy constraints and pursued him to the ballroom, also taking out some of Penguin's thugs. However, Freeze anticipated Batman's pursuit, and had one of the Penguin thugs use a cryogenic weapon to freeze the door into the ballroom shut, forcing Batman to enter via the balcony, discovering Penguin's access to cryogenic weapons.

He then entered just in time to see Mr. Freeze getting away with Boyle on a chopper. Batman then attacked the thugs in the room as they were preparing to account for the loot they acquired, leaving one conscious in order to interrogate him regarding Freeze and Boyle's destination. However, none of the thugs at Wayne Manor knew where Freeze was headed, but he did point to an arms dealer of Penguin's who was responsible for selling the cryogenic weaponry to the Penguin via Mr. Freeze operating in South Gotham. Batman then used the Batwing once again to arrive at South Gotham. Batman expressed disgust that Mr. Freeze would target Boyle, and vowed to place him into Blackgate on a gurney.

He eventually arrived at South Gotham's Coventry District. While making his way down, he overheard a police dispatch that Anarky's men were taking advantage of the lack of Police enforcement in South Gotham and causing a ruckus. Batman decided to delay on dealing with Anarky's followers until after he tracked down Penguin's dealer and get the location of Freeze out of him. He eventually located a frozen police officer after dealing with several of Penguin's men. Setting up a crime scene, Batman deduced that the officer had stumbled upon the weapon's dealer by chance and attempted to take him in, but ended up frozen because he was ill-equipped to deal with him.

Being unable to save the officer with his current equipment, Batman was forced to leave him be for the moment. He also discovered a trail potentially leading him to the dealer, as the dealer's cryo gun was leaking when he froze the officer. He then informed Alfred about the Penguin and his gang using cryogenic weaponry to encase innocents in ice for various crimes, citing he'll find out where they got the weaponry after finding the dealer. He then followed the trail, also stopping several members of Penguin's gang while they were doing cryogenics-based crimes, including one that somehow resulted in the building they raided catching on fire from their use of a cryo weapon.

After tracking down the dealer during a weapons deal, he managed to attack him and his men, and proceeded to interrogate the dealer. He then learned that Freeze and Penguin made a deal: Cryogenic weapons in exchange for capturing Boyle, and their destination is GothCorp's corporate Headquarters. Batman believes him to be lying because GothCorp doesn't make weapons, much less cryogenic weapons, but the dealer insisted it was indeed GothCorp, and offered the access codes for GothCorp as proof.

Batman then took the codes before knocking him out. He then decided to investigate GothCorp's possible involvement in weapons development. Upon arriving at GothCorp's headquarters and taking out opposition both outside the premises and within (with Penguin having earlier ordered the latter to "come runnin'" if things went sideways), Batman learned that Boyle was being taken to the Propellent Research Wing of GothCorp by the Penguin and Mr. Freeze by one of the guards.

He also directed him to his superior, who was being held hostage in the Organics Lab, as he himself did not have the access codes to the Propellant Wing yet his superior does. After telling the guard to get to safety, he then went to the Organics Lab and dispatched the Penguin thugs interrogating the guard and got the codes before telling the guard to get to safety. Alfred then reported that the XE Suit's progress is slow, but he is working as fast as he can, with Batman informing Alfred that ice formations are currently impeding his progress. He then dealt with several waves of Penguin's thugs in the lobby before proceeding to the access of the Propellant Lab.

Because the main door had been frozen shut (presumably by Mr. Freeze to prevent Penguin from calling for backup), Batman instead had to access elevator shaft D-17 to access the main lab, also evading various cryogenic blasts from the pipes. Upon making it there, he discovered Penguin and Mr. Freeze arguing, as Mr. Freeze demanded Penguin supply him with Boyle, but Penguin was more interested in the weapons he had promised, with Freeze informing him that the contents of the room he was accessing were not of any interest to Penguin. Batman then knocked out several snipers, with Penguin ordering for his men to attack Batman, angered at his interfering with his plans again.

Freeze also noticed Batman's arrival and froze Penguin and his men in enough ice to restrain them. Because of the Penguin's aim being forcibly locked onto the latches of a coolant tank and the gun locked on fire mode, he was forced to have the tank's locking mechanism destroyed, with Batman being forced to dodge the tank. Freeze then yanked Boyle out of the frozen mass, and told him that he belonged to him now. Batman then told Freeze that he has one chance to let him go, but Freeze was unmoving, telling the caped crusader that his threats mean nothing to "a man who has lost everything." He then overloaded the cryogenic tanks with his freeze gun to create an icy barrier to deter pursuit.

Batman then interrogated the Penguin (who was trapped in the barrier save for his face), learning that they had a cryodrill that is the only thing capable of breaking the barrier, and that it was located at My Alibi. Batman then left, although not before telling Penguin that his current status was the only thing preventing Batman from giving the mobster a beatdown. Batman eventually discovered cryogenic vapors of enough quantity to instantly kill him in his current state, forcing him to evade the fumes. After taking out several thugs attempting to escape the compromised Propellant Wing, he then escaped by disabling a propeller above, and also evacuated a security guard caught in the cryovapor-flooded Organics Lab. He then told the guard he'll return once he managed to recover the cryodrill, and confirmed that Freeze will try to stop Batman "with any luck."

Batman then made his way to the My Alibi nightclub, also learning from Alfred that the XE Suit had not only been completed, but also just been loaded onto a drop container, and told him to drop it off at the My Alibi nightclub. However, he discovered various armed guards at the nightclub's premises, necessitating that he take them all out before Alfred can drop it off. After doing so and donning the XE Suit, he then proceeded to enter the club. After saving some of the cops with the XE Suit's thermal gloves and taking out several members of the Penguin's gang, he proceeded to interrogate Loose-Lips about the location of the cryodrill that Penguin stole.

Loose-Lips confirmed that he stole it, but that the Penguin ordered him to dismantle the drill and split it up into different parts of South Gotham, and gave him the locations under the request that the Dark Knight not drop him off a roof again. Batman then tracked down the drill pieces, although he discovered it lacked fuel. Alfred then revealed that the organic superconducting fuel it used was developed by Mr. Freeze's original identity, Dr. Victor Fries.

Batman then realized that Freeze must have been a disgruntled former employee at GothCorp, and that he may want revenge due to his lab being shut down and quarantined due to an accident. Upon returning to GothCorp, also taking out several of Penguin's thugs, he then removed the cryovapor clouds by restarting the vents as well as fixing the generators. Upon accessing the lab, he noticed that things were out-of-place for it to be a mere accident, and noticed that the lab did research on weapons development. He then set up a crime scene. He noticed that the guard had the same skin as Mr. Freeze, and that he died from heat stroke despite it being room temperature.

He then noticed handprints on the window that contained Victor Fries' fingerprints on it, a guard flash-frozen from a discharged cryogenic cannon, as well as signs of a struggle and pistol-whipping of Fries. He eventually found a handgun and discovered that the handgun had belonged to Ferris Boyle, indicating he was indeed aware of the weapons development at GothCorp. Upon analyzing gurney tracks frozen on the floor as well as the machine Fries had been working on, he discovered that he had in fact been working on a cure for Huntington's Chorea, and that the subject had been his own wife, Nora Fries. He then deduced that Mr. Freeze, then known as Dr. Victor Fries, had entered a deal with Boyle to work on cryogenic weapons development in exchange for funding to researching a cure for Huntington's Chorea.

However, he eventually learned that Boyle had absolutely no intention of meeting his end of the bargain, as he was more interested in how Fries managed to successfully place his wife in cryostasis, so Fries then proceeded to take matters into his own hands and divert research towards a cure behind Boyle's back. Boyle eventually discovered this, and had Nora confiscated and had several guards beat him, also pistol-whipping him himself. During the struggle, Fries accidentally knocked over a prototype cryogenic cannon which destroyed a cryogenic generator. Boyle quickly left the room and left them for dead. Fries was knocked down by the remaining guard, but then witnessed the guard's death from heat stroke. Realizing he'll die in his current condition, he developed a suit to ensure his core subzero body temperature was retained so he could walk outside the lab.

Batman then realized that Freeze's violence was out of desperation to save his wife and began to feel sympathy for Mr. Freeze and that he only intended to use Boyle's security clearance to get his wife out, not kill Boyle. He also developed a newfound disgust towards Boyle for his actions. He then had Alfred transmit the evidence to the GCPD. He also told Alfred that, although he sympathized with Freeze's motives, he nonetheless has to stop him. Batman proceeded to return to the Propellant Lab as Penguin's men attempted to free Penguin from his icy prison with their boss issuing threats. After knocking them out, Batman then proceeded to use the drill, and left Penguin to be trapped.

He eventually entered the cryogenics lab, and attempted to tell Freeze to stop his actions, telling him that Boyle will face judgment for his crimes and that Freeze's actions of harming innocents would not have been what Nora wanted. However, he was forced to fight Freeze and disable the cryogenerators. After subduing Freeze, Batman got in the way of the cryogenic blast directed at Freeze by Boyle, being frozen solid. However, he broke out and proceeded to subdue the sociopathic CEO as he was sadistically beating Freeze and proceeded to restore functions to Freeze's suit and Nora's cryogenic chamber, also promising Freeze that although he can't give him peace, he can at least give him justice.

Batman: Arkham Origins: BlackgateEdit

Three months after the Joker's riot at Blackgate, Batman had become the most feared individual in the Gotham underworld, with several criminals even upping the stakes to compete with him. During a patrol of the city, Batman encountered a female cat burglar by the name of Catwoman who was stealing classified data. He tried to stop and apprehend her, although forces belonging to the Department of Extranormal Operations surrounded them, mistaking Batman as being an accomplice to Catwoman in the theft, forcing Batman to not only pursue Catwoman through various rooftops, but also to take down the DEO agents as well.

He eventually cornered her on a crane of an under construction building, although she nonetheless managed to transfer the data to her unknown employer. They then fought, with Batman effortlessly beating her. Batman then attempted to get her to talk regarding it, citing that her stance as a criminal will mean she will be sent to Blackgate Prison, and offered to give her a lenient sentence if she talks. However, she refused, and Batman proceeded to bail out when police choppers arrived.

Two weeks later, Batman, largely because he had hacked into the police scanner, was called in by Commissioner Gordon, who informed him that an explosion at Blackgate occurred six hours earlier, and the entire prison staff was taken hostage by the now-freed prisoners in the ensuing riot. Batman then volunteered to infiltrate the prison alone, despite it being an impregnable wall from the river. When Gordon warned him that criminals of all stripes in the prison are likely eager for a chance to have his blood for his role in locking them up, Batman merely confirmed this and stated that they were about to get their shot. Batman eventually managed to cross over from the river and scale the wall.

He then overheard Catwoman and three thugs belonging to the Joker, Black Mask, and Penguin conversing, the latter three apparently attempting to force Catwoman to choose which group she should join. After subduing her attackers, Batman learned from Catwoman that Penguin, Black Mask, and Joker have staked out the Cell Blocks, Industrial, and Administration Wings, controlling movement around Blackgate and allegedly locking all the staff on the Arkham Wing.

Batman is naturally suspicious of her due to being a criminal, although he ultimately accepts her offer to help due to having little chance of successfully taking on the task alone, although under the condition that she not trick him. Catwoman then used her status to illicit information to supply to Batman for their mission. Batman then called in the Batwing remotely to scan the Blackgate Prison facilities' layout so he can navigate through them.

Batman: Assault on ArkhamEdit

At some point, having discovered that the Joker had stolen a dirty bomb with enough explosive power to wipe out half of Gotham City, Batman tracked down one of Joker's accomplices in the plot, the Riddler, to his hideout in the Gotham docks in an attempt to track down the location of the Joker's dirty bomb. However, by the time he got to the hideout, it was raided by black ops soldiers from A.R.G.U.S., led by Amanda Waller, who were to take Riddler out for theft of data relating to the Suicide Squad. He then blacked out the hideout and, after neutralizing all of the soldiers, attempted to interrogate the Riddler on the location of the bomb. However, as the Riddler lacked any knowledge of the bomb's location, he then sent him to Arkham Asylum.

Later, he caught Harley Quinn raiding a toy shop for a Cutie Boo Boo doll, and after fighting her, he interrogated her regarding the location of the bomb under the assumption that she was still in league with the Joker, although she genuinely lacked any knowledge of the bomb either. After verifying that she was indeed being truthful, Batman then had her sent to Arkham Asylum. However, he was still suspicious about Harley Quinn wanting to get caught, and eventually discovered that a yellow-alert occurred at Arkham Asylum. He also deduced that the "live footage" was actually recorded footage being played of the Thursday shift, not the Friday shift, causing him to deduce there was indeed a situation at Arkham Asylum. He then encountered the Suicide Squad and fought with them in the storerooms, eventually dispatching Black Spider and disguising himself as the vigilante assassin.

Eventually, he witnessed the Suicide Squad subjecting themselves to electroshock therapy at the hands of the Riddler, although the Suicide Squad eventually deduced he was Batman when they learned that "Black Spider's" head wasn't blown off (and Joker likewise deduced that the "Batman" whose head was blown off wasn't actually Batman due to his face being different). After unveiling his identity, he then removed the now-active electroshock devices from Deadshot (having been inadvertently activated by the Riddler after he got hit with one of Batman's batarangs), and interrogated him, learning Amanda Waller's involvement of sending them to kill Riddler. Before he could get more answers, however, Joker made an explosive arrival and intended to kill everyone in the room.

While the Suicide Squad escaped, Batman fought off the Joker and eventually attempted to flee via the window, although he ended up shot by the Joker. Before a confrontation could ensue when they reconvened, however, the surviving members of the Suicide Squad and Batman saw a message from the Joker (who had been freed by Harley Quinn earlier) revealing that he intends to give Gotham a lethal dose of "tainted love", and he is going to instigate a riot at Arkham Asylum in order to slow Batman down. Batman managed to deal with several escaped foes, including knocking out Zsasz by breaking a wall behind him, shoving Bane into the Gotham bay via the Batmobile, and stopping Poison Ivy when she placed the Arkham Staff under her control. Batman eventually tracked down Joker and Harley Quinn on a hijacked helicopter and fought off Harley Quinn while Deadshot fought the Joker. Batman, after defeating Harley Quinn, managed to disarm the dirty bomb, which had been in Harley Quinn's mallet.

Afterwards, Batman tried to warn the Suicide Squad handler, Waller, against such gambits in the future, although she ignored him.

Road to ArkhamEdit

After the escape of the Joker from Arkham Asylum two months prior, Batman had been on a constant search for the clown prince of crime. During his second month of searching, Batman was notified of an anonymous tip left in Dr. Sarah Cassidy's office at Arkham which revealed that she had been kidnapped by Zsasz and taken to the Old County Hospital. He took Zsasz out by surprise and rescued Cassidy from his clutches. In the same month, a second tip came in the form of a note attached to a test tube. Unsurprisingly to Batman, the vial contained an extremely potent, odorless fear gas.


Batman has a discussion with Oracle on a pattern he sees in crime activity of late.

Whilst experimenting with it in the Batcave, a few molecules escaped from the vial causing Batman to fight his way out of a series of fear induced hallucinations. Batman was able to create an antidote from the formula and ambushed the Scarecrow, attacking his psychologist, taking him back to his cell and curing his victims. The GCPD received the third and final tip in the form of a 911 call, moments before The Joker raided Gotham City Hall and took the Mayor hostage.

The Joker strapped the Mayor to the side of a large pillar on the roof of the building, attaching a bomb to his waist. Batman destroyed the Joker's detonator and removed the bomb before it exploded. The Joker attempted to escape via parachute but Batman easily thwarted the villain. Whilst escorting the Joker back to Arkham, he spoke with Oracle via radio, vocalizing his suspicions on the three tips and whether they came from the same source, as well as the easy nature of the Joker's capture. Despite these suspicions he drove the Joker back to Arkham, hoping they would disappear once he was back behind bars.

Batman: Arkham AsylumEdit

"You took longer than I expected."
"Joker's out of control, he's trying to prove something. I'm not sure I can stop him this time."
"You'll do it.
James Gordon and Batman[src]
Ark mans Intensive Treatment006

Batman accompanies Arkham's security as they transfer the Joker through the asylum.

Batman arrived at Arkham in the Batmobile, taking the Joker to the Intensive Care Facility. The Joker remained in high spirits, pleased that he was back in Arkham. He was strapped to a prisoner movement trolly and wheeled through Intensive Care by a variety of security guards, including Frank Boles, with Batman following close by due to Batman sensing something amiss about his capturing Joker and returning him to Arkham, as the Joker never let him capture him this easily before.

The Joker commented on all the brand new security at Arkham and how it was rather funny that a fire at Blackgate Penitentiary sent over a hundred of his goons to Arkham (To which Frank Boles reacted angrily and reminded Joker that he was supposed to keep quiet about it, before Joker implied that Bole's mouth should remain quiet for his own good). During the escort, the Joker made snide remarks to many of the Arkham Staff including Warden Quincy Sharp, Officer Aaron Cash and Dr. Penelope Young before being taken down the elevator. In addition, when scanning the Joker for carrying weapons, the scanners also inadvertently detected multiple prohibited weapons on Batman.

During the elevator journey, a blackout occurred causing the Joker to laugh hysterically before having his neck clutched by Batman as the lights turned back on. As the Joker was moved into the lobby area, he was unstrapped and escorted by a guard and an orderly while Batman and Commissioner Gordon looked on. Unbeknown to all but Joker, Harley Quinn was already in the security control room, waiting. Joker soon took the opportunity to break free as Harley's signal.


Batman clutches the Joker by the neck in an effort to prevent escape during his transferral in an Arkham elevator.

Pretending to stumble and trip, the Joker bashed his guard in the face with the back of his head as the guard demanded him to get up. He then used his handcuffs to strangle the guard, forcing the doctor to unhook the Joker to save the guard. Joker strangled the guard to death before the doctor could save him, and when his cuffs were finally off, kicked the doctor down, killing him as well.

The Joker then coldly said to the dead guard "The choke's on you!", imitated a playful laugh, and pointed at the security door with a "Ta-da!". He looked up at the security camera and told Harley he was home. She then let him in by opening up the adjacent electrical doorway, allowing the Joker to access the cell controls. He ran behind the energy screen just as Batman managed to break through the viewing window and into the room. He taunted the Dark Knight for springing his trap and released his followers from Blackgate out of their cells, saying "Now let's get this party started!". As Batman battled the thugs, Joker said over the monitor system that he was originally going to kill everyone in the room and watch cartoons, but decided to take a captive audience instead. After Batman defeated a round of thugs, the Joker left the room and made his way to the patient transfer unit.

Batman told Gordon he would find them a way out, but Joker told Batman not to make promises he couldn't keep, as he was in control of the asylum and therefore where Batman was able to go. As Batman told Joker he wouldn't let him run, Joker cut off his "hero speak" and goaded him to just pursue him. Batman followed the Joker through the depths of the Intensive Treatment Facility, finding deceased Arkham security guards in his wake of destruction. Batman halted briefly to defuse a hostage situation in the Patient Pacification Chamber, where an escaped Victor Zsasz had taken a security guard, Mike, hostage and had strapped him into the electroshock pacification chair.

Batman then eventually followed Joker's trail of smiles and arrows drawn by spray paint and dead bodies and found the villain in the Secure Treatment Transfer area. The Joker opened up a large patient transfer cell, releasing a large experimental monster (bearing resemblance to Amygdala). The monster attacked Batman before dying of biological causes, much to the Joker's annoyance, who murmured "Note to self: Need stronger test subjects!". As a result, the Joker allowed Batman one free shot at him, which would cause him to fall to his death and end the madness. Batman drew a Batarang, but hesitated and was unable to willingly kill his enemy, causing the Joker laugh at him and say that he was becoming "too predictable".

He escaped via the patient transfer system and told Batman that he was organizing a "party" with the villains all over Arkham. Whilst Batman tried to get the transfer unit working again, the Joker appeared on a monitor showing Batman an image of a treacherous Frank Boles knocking out Gordon and taking him hostage, ready to kill him should Batman follow.

He claimed that he helped Boles out of a situation a while back in which Boles owed him. Batman attempted to track down Gordon anyway, by detecting the alcohol Boles left in the air. Along the way, Joker left traps with Joker Venom as well as many gag chattering teeth. The Joker soon caught onto the Batman's attempt and as a result had Boles killed, no longer needing him.

Ark mans ham East273

Batman rushes to Arkham North to defend the Batmobile.

The Joker took control of Arkham's intercom system, telling his goons to destroy the Batmobile as he took over the West side of Arkham Island. His next target was the Medical Facility where he ordered his goons to round up all the doctors in the area, most importantly Penelope Young, who he needed the Titan formula from.

To the Joker's annoyance, Batman defeated his goons and rescued the captive doctors. The Joker drew up a 'party list' which contained the individuals who would help take care of Batman. He enlisted the help of the Scarecrow, who proceeded to attack Batman in the Medical Facility. After escaping Scarecrow's Fear Toxin hallucination, Batman made his way to Gordon, who was conveniently placed near Bane's holding cell.

After Batman rescued Gordon from Harley, the Joker pumped a large amount of Titan into Bane, causing a fight with him and Batman. Joker was disappointed with Bane's inability to kill Batman, so he ordered his goons to assist him, though Batman defeated them all. The Joker's next order of business was to search Arkham Mansion for Dr. Young's formula, and Dr. Young herself, who had gone looking for said formula. After finding Zsasz in the Botanical Gardens, the Joker enlisted his help to deal with Dr. Young. Zsasz held Young by a knife in Warden Sharp's office and threatened to kill her if he saw Batman approaching.

Joker told Zsasz to just kill her, as she was useless to him since he had gotten both Venom and Titan anyway. Batman incapacitated Zsasz and rescued the doctor, though an explosion set by Joker in the Warden's safe killed Young anyway. Harley then entered and had her thugs prepare Batman for the 'party'. He defeated them and followed Harley, rescuing Sharp by tracking his DNA. Harley was shown releasing Poison Ivy from her cell, despite Ivy not being on the 'party list', much to Joker's apparent pleasure. He then unleashed the more violent, insane inmates all over the island.

Ark mans transferloop103

Batman following the Joker's trail of destruction through Arkham Asylum.

Batman went after Harley Quinn, who sent her thugs after Batman again, though he managed to defeat them all.

Harley's failure prompted Joker to remove her from the 'party list', and Batman defeated and locked her up, using her DNA traces from around the island to track Joker to the Botanical Gardens, where he found the Joker forcing him to play a deadly game in the aviary: He strung a pair of orderlies, Luke Curtis and Robert Stirling, in birdcages over a deadly chasm and was challenging Batman to rescue them as his men patrolled the area.

Batman was successful in taking down the cage operator while dodging the other henchman. The threat removed, Batman rescued the two orderlies, who informed him of a secret entrance to the Titan Production Facility. Once there, Batman watched as The Joker demonstrated the successful Titan strain he had managed to create by injecting two of his thugs and having them attack Batman before escaping. The beasts attempted to hit Batman with their huge hands and resorted to hurling at him the corpses of deceased Arkham security guards that littered the area.

Batman defeated the monsters and pursued Joker, passing the bodies of Robert Stirling and Luke Curtis on his way back through the gardens. Batman swore to avenge their deaths ("They're all dead. Joker was busy while I fought his monsters. He will pay for this."). As Batman continued in his pursuit of the Joker, the villain revealed over the intercom that he had teamed up with Poison Ivy and injected her with Titan, causing her to become far more powerful and take control of the island surface with her evolved plants.

Batman defeated Scarecrow and Killer Croc down in the sewers and successfully harvested the spores needed to make an antidote for the Titan injection in Croc's lair. Batman then went down further into the sewers and found that Joker was trying to pump Titan pollutants into Gotham, telling his men to stop Batman from preventing this in a threatening, serious manner. After Batman shut off the pumps, Joker sent a Titan monster as a token of his disapproval.

Batman defeated the monster and escaped the sewers. Driven by more power hunger, Ivy betrayed Joker and swore to go after him once Batman was killed. Joker assured her that he would be prepared for her with an army of Titan monsters, saying the she could "bring the wine" and he would "make the salad". Batman managed to defeat Ivy in the gardens. With all of the enemies on Joker's 'party list' defeated, Joker had his men set off several fire works directing Batman, the 'guest of honor', to the 'party' at the Visitor Center by the Cell Block.

Rather than fight Batman, upon his arrival and confirmation of being on the 'guest list', the goons acted friendly, cheered him and allowed him safe passage. Batman found a bomb planted by Joker in the visitor center and upon its explosion, discovered the Joker's lair, a throne room atop various plastic toys from which he had been broadcasting to the island. Joker was holding Scarface the puppet and taking out his frustration on him by having a fictional argument before throwing him away. He then sent two more Titan powered thugs at Batman, who defeated them.

Ark manscaves---statue-1--article image

Batman in the old sewers under Arkham, attempting to find Killer Croc's lair.

Joker then revealed that he had recaptured Gordon. Firing a Titan strain at Gordon, Joker was overjoyed when Batman took the shot himself. However, he was angered when Batman resisted and fought off Joker's attempts to make him give in. Joker then claimed that he had nothing to live for, as Batman would not allow him victory, and shot himself in the neck with the Titan injection gun, comically acting as if he was committing suicide.

He quickly awoke and mutated into the most horrific Titan monster, while still retaining his regular intelligence due to already being insane. He then directed the circling Gotham News helicopters and Jack Ryder to the rooftops of Arkham so that they could watch his final fight with Batman. Strapping Gordon to an electric chair above a makeshift fighting arena (making him the "referee"), the mutated Joker goaded Batman to give into his injection, as it was the only way they could be on even fighting terms. Batman refused and used the only antidote injection on himself, which the Joker found hilarious. The two, with assistance from Joker's henchmen, then fought a brutal battle, with Batman knocking Joker into the electrical generator used to torture Gordon.

"Ready for the next round?"
"I'll never let you win. Never!
The Joker and Batman[src]

Batman fighting Titan Joker.

The Joker got up from the attack and said he could take anything Batman threw at him, and asked if the Dark Knight was ready for the next round. Spraying Explosive Gel onto his glove, Batman declared that he would never let Joker win and would always be prepared for his tactics. Enraged, Joker prepared to kill his relentless nemesis as Batman charged him.

The gel on Batman's fist fiercely knocked Joker down as he was punched in the face. The GCPD then retook control of Arkham Island, imprisoned all of the inmates back in their cells, and watched over the Titan injected thugs as they returned to normal. Joker's transformation back to humanity was quite painful compared to others, culminating with the severe injuries he received in his battle with Batman. He was then securely locked back up, his plans having ultimately failed.

Outside the Centre, Gordon tells Batman that the effects of Titan are starting to wear off the Joker and his men, and that they are being taken back to their cells. Batman is informed that Two-Face is raiding The Second National Bank of Gotham, and flies away into the night in the Batwing to the scene of the crime.

After ArkhamEdit

Six months following the Joker's rampage, Commissioner Gordon informs Batman that Joker's Titan Formula has found its way into Gotham City and has turned up in the form of brother-sister team T&T. Wasting no time, Batman correctly suspects Two-Face to be T&T's previous employer, based on the fact that a pair of mirror images like T&T working together would be prime candidates for recruitment into Two-Face's gang.

Tracking him down to one of his old hideouts Batman discovers Two-Face beaten, battered, and broken. Two-Face reveals information about T&T in exchange for a 30-minute head start. He explains that shortly after the Joker's rampage crates full of Titan washed up in the docks where Two-Face bought them. He made the mistake of having T&T bring the crates into storage in his cellar.

Over the past six months, T&T experimented with the drug in small doses, thereby gaining control over themselves in Titan form. Two-Face also states that T&T slaughtered his gang and the rest of Gotham is next. At Quincy Sharp's new town hall dedication ceremony T&T attacks, and Batman arrives to stop them. Perhaps getting the idea from his last fight with the Joker Batman has installed gel sprayers on his costume giving his strikes extra power.

During the fight, Batman overhears T&T being given orders over their radio. Before Batman has the chance to apprehend and interrogate the duo, they commit suicide via surgically implanted explosives, killing hundreds in attendance of the press conference and destroying the rebuilt city hall. Batman begins to believe that T&T were working for someone conspiring with Mayor Sharp, and thus infiltrates his mansion, which doubles as a temporary city hall.

There Batman uses Sharp's personal files to check in on his past revealing that Sharp is essentially a schizophrenic blank slate, extremely vulnerable to suggestion to the point that he has to be told to hang up a phone in order to do so. At this point Batman is assaulted by non-lethal weaponry, leading him to conclude that this is a trap meant to study him.

Choosing to deny his opponent his triumph Batman flees the mansion. Meanwhile Harley Quinn successfully broke the dying Joker out of Arkham Asylum, and despite Batman's best efforts they successfully escape to Arkham City.

Later on Batman disguises himself as a small time street thug named Lester Kurtz and with the added help of Oracle, who plants a criminal record into the GCPD database, he infiltrates Arkham City where he learns of a rising gang turf war between the Joker and the Penguin who are willing to slit the other's throat to be the top dog in Arkham City.

As a test of the Lester Kurtz identity, Batman infiltrates and temporarily joins both gangs and assures the Lester Kurtz identity is safe because neither Joker nor Penguin, two of his old enemies who know him best, figured out the Lester Kurtz identity. In the process, he destroys an arms shipment meant for Tyger they were both after.

Unfortunately, it seems that in a matter of hours the Lester Kurtz Identity is compromised when Batman walks into a trap set by Warden Sharp's accomplice using Tyger thugs. Batman discovers that the Tyger guards have been extensively working out specifically to match Batman in a fight and have been given impact-absorbing armor in order to lessen his super charged punches.

Batman is only saved by the timely arrival of Catwoman whom it's revealed had already hijacked the weapons shipment and freed Poison Ivy from Tyger custody. Batman leaves Catwoman to her business and goes to get some answers. He captures and interrogates a Tyger captain into revealing the identity of the one pulling the strings in Arkham... Hugo Strange!

Mere hours after this discovery Batman instructs Robin and Alfred to dig up all that there is to know on Hugo Strange so that he, as Bruce Wayne, can publicly reveal it. Strange is a step ahead of the Dark Knight, however as he has Sharp announce his involvement in the Arkham City project so that he could paint a positive image of it and also give him an alibi for his actions. Thus Arkham City opens on schedule and unopposed.

Batman: Arkham CityEdit

"You're not safe here. No one is."
―Batman to Catwoman[src]

The Dark Knight Returns

One year has passed since the Joker's takeover of Arkham Asylum and Quincy Sharp has been elected mayor of Gotham City for his actions in helping to end the Joker's control of the island. Shortly after assuming the role, Sharp declared both Arkham and Blackgate uninhabitable and ordered the construction of Arkham City on the southern banks of Gotham proper against the better judgment of both Batman and James Gordon. Batman believed this is a ticking time bomb and has been keeping a watchful eye on Arkham City for months now, looking for any excuse to break into the well-guarded prison city.

As Bruce Wayne, Batman leads a protest and speaks out against Arkham City in a television press conference covered by both Vicki Vale and Jack Ryder. Immediately after it begins, TYGER guards storm the press conference and drag Bruce into Arkham City, and Hugo Strange reveals to him that he knows Bruce Wayne is Batman. Wayne is locked in with the inmates with Penguin quickly finding and kidnapping him. He is able to escape with ease and heads to the Ace Chemical Plant to recover his batsuit and equipment, delivered via the Batwing under automatic pilot by Alfred Pennyworth. He immediately goes to the Solomon Wayne Courthouse to rescue Catwoman from Two-Face, who plans to execute her to gain respect from the prisoners of Arkham.

After rescuing Catwoman from Two-Face, the Joker attempts to assassinate her to keep Batman from learning the secrets of Arkham City. Tracing the trajectory of the bullet, Batman is able to deduce that the shot originated in the Gotham City Cathedral, which has been transformed in the Arkham City Medical Center. After rescuing the members of the staff (including Aaron Cash), Batman goes to the bell tower to investigate the scene to determine the Joker's location and get answers regarding Protocol 10. The Dark Knight travels through Arkham until he reaches the abandoned Sionis Industries Steel Mill, which has become the Joker's hideout. After infiltrating the base, Batman eventually comes face to face with a dying Joker. He falls for the ruse and the Joker infects Batman with his tainted blood, poisoning the Dark Knight with the same disease that is affecting him. Joker tells Batman that he had contracted Mr. Freeze to work on a cure and sends Batman to find him, citing that Joker has also sent samples of his own blood to Gotham hospitals. 80 people are already reported as infected.

"So, Batman, you 'ere for the cops, the ice man, or me?"
"I was only here for Fries and the hostages, but now, I'm taking you down too.
The Penguin and Batman[src]

Soon after Batman finds Freeze's hideout in Arkham City in the old Gotham City Police building; however, the Penguin and his goons have taken Freeze captive. Batman goes to the Iceberg Lounge to face the Penguin, but first has to disable the security systems that Penguin has established that interfere with Batman's equipment and uplinks to Alfred at the Batcave and Oracle at the Clocktower. He also has a chance encounter with Bane who suggests the two team up to eliminate the last traces of Titan in the city. After disabling the jammers, Batman fights his way through the Iceberg Lounge, rescuing police officers sent in to investigate Arkham City in the process, as even James Gordon is unaware of what happens inside Arkham's walls, while trying to find and rescue Freeze.

Penguin has other plans and has taken Freeze's equipment for use against Batman and has deployed titan powered soldiers to protect the Lounge. With Freeze's help, Batman is able to disable Penguin's weapons, fight Solomon Grundy, and stops Penguin. Nonetheless, Freeze reveals to Batman that there is no cure for what is affecting both he and the Joker as the cure breaks down quickly after creation. After showing a specific DNA strand to Batman that the medication lacks, the Dark Knight quickly realizes that the DNA is a match for Ra's al Guhl's blood and sets out to find him in Arkham.

Fortunately, Ra's has set up a base in Arkham City. After leaving the Iceberg Lounge, Batman is attacked by assassins from the League of Assassins and Talia al Guhl's personal guard. He pursues them and during a fight covertly implants a tracer to one of the ninjas. He allows them to defeat him so he can track them to Ra's, but this is interrupted by Tim Drake, the current Robin. Robin vows to stay and help, but Batman sends him away and goes after Talia on his own. Going into the abandoned subway system following a brief runin with Killer Croc, Batman eventually finds the compound of the League of Assassins in the abandoned Wonder City exhibit.

After a near death experience from his affliction, Batman agrees to pursue the way of the demon so that he may continue to live. He drinks the blood of the demon and joins the spirit form of Ra's where he is tested to see if he is worthy. During the last trial, he refuses to go forward as he refuses to kill Ra's. Talia, betrayed as her father threatens her life, relents that Batman and Ra's deserve each other and leaves. Batman takes the sample of blood to Freeze, discovering murdered victims while on his way that have had their faces removed. A nearby witness reports that Bruce Wayne was behind it.

Upon returning to Arkham City, he delivers the blood sample to Freeze who quickly refuses to give Batman the cure as Joker has his wife Nora. After a struggle, Freeze agrees to give Batman the cure, but Harley has managed to steal the cure from Freeze's safe in the GCPD. Batman pursues her to get the cure, but is diverted when the Joker shoots down Vicki Vale's news helicopter. After rescuing her, Batman receives word from Alfred that Lucius Fox has synthesized a cure from the blood sample that Robin smuggled out of Arkham City. This is a trap by the Mad Hatter, who takes Batman prisoner. Batman is able to free himself and pursues Harley back to Joker's Funland. While on his way back to Joker's Funland, Batman encounters Azrael, who informs him that he has been identified as a person who will face a great trial in the future.

With increased security including snipers and guards using ultraviolet goggles to detect him, Batman is able to break into Joker's Funland after rescuing Nora Fries and giving her coordinates to Victor. Making his way through the old steel mill, Batman eventually comes face to face with Harley, who has been tied up by Talia. He goes to Joker's office where he is quickly attacked by Joker's goons and a Titan powered goon and finds that the Joker is healed. After fighting with Joker, the ceiling gives way and Batman is trapped. Joker is about to kill him when Talia appears and offers him immortality in exchange for Batman's life. The Joker takes the deal and lets Batman live, leaving with Talia who has reactivated the tracking chip that Batman previously placed on the League member. He briefly reunites with Bane, who has double-crossed Batman and the Dark Knight is forced to destroy the remaining Titan containers on his own.

While pursuing Talia, Hugo Strange activates Protocol 10 and his TYGER troops begin systematically destroying Arkham City. At Oracle and Alfred's pleading Batman decides not to pursue Talia and instead goes to stop Strange by penetrating Arkham City's defenses in Wonder Tower. He fights his way through the guards and Batman learns that Arkham City is merely the first step in a larger plan for Strange and his benefactors to eliminate crime with new cities expected to be completed in both Keystone City and Metropolis within the next year.

Batman is able to stop Strange and hacks into the computer network alongside Oracle to stop the attack on the city. Strange struggles and gloats about how he has proven himself better than Batman in his ability to end crime, only to be stopped by Ra's who has revealed that the League used Strange to take over the city. Strange, knowing he is defeated, activates Protocol 11: setting off charges that destroy the Tower. Ra's and Batman escape; however, Ra's is impaled on nearby debris when he hits the ground. Nearby he discovers the final crime scene, leading him to the Identity Thief Killer.

Activating the tracker now that Arkham City is safe, Batman discovers that Joker and Talia are at the Monarch Theatre. After taking down the patrols that guard the entry, specifically snipers armed with weapons capable of penetrating the batsuit, Batman infiltrates the theater and finds Talia and Joker in the main room. After a brief stand down, Batman learns that Talia had intercepted the cure from Harley, also seemingly killing Joker in the process by stabbing him. However, Batman then deduced from various things he heard that the Joker he had seen was actually a double and attempts to warn Talia, but she ends up shot by the real Joker. the stabbed "Joker" is revealed to be Clayface, who quickly attacks Batman. With Clayface defeated, Batman takes the cure and Joker comes for it. Batman struggles with the decision to give the Joker the cure and is stabbed in the arm, quickly dropping the cure which shatters and is absorbed into the ground. Joker tries frantically to ingest the cure, but fails. Batman reveals he would've given the Joker the cure despite everything that he has done in the past and knowing that he'd probably do it again in the future. With a final laugh and a smile, the Joker dies from the toxin.

"Do you want to know something funny? Even after everything you've done... I would've saved you."
"That actually is... (coughs) ...
pretty funny!'"
―Batman and The Joker's final words to each other[src]

As morning breaks, Batman carries the lifeless body of the Joker out of Arkham City and passes the barricade of Gotham Police, led by James Gordon, in silence.

Harley Quinn's RevengeEdit

As days pass since his horrific night in Arkham City, Batman falls into a deep depression over the loss of Talia and guilt of the Joker's death, refusing to speak of what really happened that night. After two weeks, Batman returns to the now condemned Arkham City to apprehend Harley Quinn who has taken over Industrial District and redesigned the Sionis Industries Steel Mill in her own image. Gordon summons Batman at the bridge entrance of Gotham Dock Yard where Gordon informs him that Quinn has kidnapped several officers and brought them to the mill as a part of some elaborate trap set just for him.

Batman heads directly to the Loading bay office of the steel mill and see a police officer held captive by a group of Harley's gang. Batman quickly dismantles the gang and rescues the officer who reveals that the other remaining officers are being held hostage deep within other section of the mill. Batman continues his search for the remaining officers using a blood trail he found at the gate entrance of the mill which lead him to a secret TYGER entrance that require a three code keys to access.

Upon entering the shipyard, he finds the second cop and takes out the thugs guarding him, but falls into a coma when Quinn arrives and shoots the Dark Knight in the chest and imprisoning him in an airtight, glass ball for two days. When Robin arrives and steals Harley's key code to the ball and frees Batman, she reveals three bombs stolen from the GCPD placed around the shipyard for the Dark Knight to detonate, before unveiling her final plot of revenge by activating the Wonder City mechanical guardians and pitting them against him.

After destroying them, Batman takes Quinn out, but not before she reveals she intends on blowing up the entire shipyard with Robin, Batman and even herself inside. However, Batman escapes with Harley, who attempts to stab him from behind, but is knocked out cold by Robin. Batman then quickly leaves without another word to Gordon who had arrived on the scene.

Batman: Arkham City: EndgameEdit

In the Batcave, a post-death message is sent from the Joker himself to Batman, revealing one last, twisted joke that will tear Gotham apart, even in his death. Joker states that during the events of Arkham City, he sent his men to the Gotham City Radio Tower within the prison to take control of the broadcast frequencies and implant a message from Joker into them. This message is soon broadcast to all of Gotham over the next couple of weeks as Joker confirms his death to the people of Gotham, but promises them that whoever finds his body and gives it to Harley Quinn will be rewarded with millions of dollars. Gotham soon goes into chaos as members of Joker's gang, police, and citizens begin tearing apart the city looking for Joker's body.

After cruelly asking Batman to abuse Harley for him in his absence, Joker then reveals a special surprise for him; the bombs that are still rigged to the Arkham City perimeter walls, set to detonate within the hour. While the prison is still in the process of being shut down, the remaining, rampaging inmates have been given notice of this plan and prepare themselves for their escape.

With the police too busy containing the inmates within Arkham City and the chaos in Gotham, Joker informs Batman that he is the only one capable of stopping the bombs. He leaves off his message by stating that the bombs will go off if tampered with and informs Batman that he will find the device needed to deactivate the bombs within Arkham Asylum, in a room of personal significance to the both of them from a "day of independence" many years ago.

While in route to the Asylum, Batman relives in his memories a particularly brutal plot by the Joker that he orchestrated on the fourth of July by firing off toxin induced fireworks all over Gotham, murdering hundreds of men, women, and children. Batman remembers that he took Joker to a a cell in extreme isolation that night and deduces that that is where Joker hid the code needed to deactivate the bombs based off his clue.

When Batman enters the room there, he finds no such code, but a book Joker wrote underneath a loose stone tile, containing the names of every single person he has ever murdered on it with Batman's name on the last page. Unknown to Batman, Joker had sensors installed within the room, tripping security and activating another message from the murdering psychopath.

Joker's voice is suddenly heard on the security monitor in the room, revealing to Batman that he never had any intention of blowing the walls of Arkham City and simply used it as a ruse to lure Batman to this room. The door suddenly locks as Joker laughs and reveals to Batman that the room itself, instead of the Arkham City walls, has been rigged with dozens of explosives by Clayface during the events that took place in the mega prison, one of which was triggered when Batman grabbed the book. Joker bids farewell to his eternal enemy, promising on seeing him in Hell and believing that this is the only way to set things right in their psychotic friendship.

As the bombs go off, Arkham Asylum is nearly completely destroyed in the explosion as the entire message from Joker is broadcast to Arkham City through the security monitors along with one last image; R.I.P. with a Batman symbol above it. As the inmates cheer at the message, Detective Bullock gives the order to have medical units over at Arkham Island and orders the news team outside Arkham City to fly him over to the island. When Bullock and his forces arrive at the ruins of the mansion, all they find is Batman's suit, forcing them to believe that the Dark Knight had finally perished.

As Gordon finds out, he orders Bullock to make sure that the news does not get leaked to Gotham. As Gordon loses hope of protecting his city, he receives a phone call from none other than Batman, though he never reveals how he survived such a chaotic explosion. Batman and Gordon finally meet at the morgue where the Joker's body is being kept and come to a mutual solution on how to ensure his body is never recovered and the people of Gotham stop fighting for it; cremating it.

As Batman takes one last look at the man who caused him decades of tragedy and misery, he gives Gordon the order to cremate the psychotic, mass murder's body. Joker's body is sent into the inferno as Batman walks away, declaring that all of Joker's plans have finally ended and, for the first time in years, there will be no more laughs.

Batman: Arkham KnightEdit

After 9 months since the incident at Arkham City and dealing with the The Joker, Batman appeared shortly after Scarecrow warned the city with a demonstration of his new fear toxin. Gordon explained to the caped crusader that they lost a military vehicle through Chinatown, so Batman went to investigate. Batman found Officer Kevern being threatened by several thugs and he took them down before saving the officer from being struck by a military truck.

Batman summoned the Batmobile and pursued the truck and stopped it before it got away. He begins interrogating the driver, almost being injected with Crane's new toxin. The driver told him Crane was working out of a penthouse in Chinatown, which was where Batman headed after breaking his arm. Upon his arrival, the caped crusader found Poison Ivy held hostage by Crane's men who he took down before confronting Ivy. Ivy told Batman that she was invited by Scarecrow to kill Batman and take Gotham, however she was captured due to her refusal of his offer. Batman was suddenly ensnared by Ivy's plants, however got out of them quickly before his green-thumbed foe gave him the slip. He took her into custody after taking on militia forces and brought her to the GCPD, putting her in an isolation cell.

Once Ivy was in custody, Batman headed for the Clock tower where Oracle was working on the chemical analysis to Crane's new toxin. Barbara showed him her progress in analyzing the toxin, however there was no way of tracing it. Batman then looked at the manufacturing process to trace the substance instead of the core elements needed to make his foes toxin. They found that the toxins emitted a unique radiation which they could trace, so Batman headed to a movie theater where he would repurpose the antennas. Once he left the clock tower, Batman contacted Commissioner Gordon, letting him know he had a way to track down Scarecrow and to prep his men for the location the caped crusader gave him.

Batman arrived at Panessa Studios where he activated the first antenna with the help of the Batmobile and a remote access device. He then headed for the second antenna in the Falcone Shipping Yards where he found it was already occupied by armed thugs. Taking out 2 of the thugs, Batman contacted Lucius Fox for his new suit. Fox sent the suit and Batman put it to the test, taking out the remaining thugs and saving a hostage they took. When Batman activated the second antenna, he sent out the Batscanner and found that Scarecrow was manufacturing his toxin at Ace Chemicals which is where he told Gordon to go with his men in hopes of stopping Crane.

Arriving at the scene, Batman encountered the Arkham Knight for the first time who was manning a helicopter while his forces were shooting at Batman and the police. The Dark Knight headed in on his own to rescue a skeleton crew at the factory and was contacted by Barbara to the identity to the militia's leading commander. He also managed to get the Batmobile into the factory to combat the militia's unmanned vehicles and forces before going after the crew. He found one nearby and was almost killed by a squad of troops if it hadn't been for the Batmobile saving him at the last minute. He rescued Mark Cheung who explained to Batman that Crane was working on a way to disperse his new toxin over the Eastern Seaboard. He then contacted Gordon and warned him of the threat, who took the people Batman helped in for medical treatment and care.

Going deeper into the factory, Batman saved Adam Brewer from a small battalion of troops and brought him up via the elevator and placed him in the Batmobile. The Arkham Knight sent a helicopter to confront Batman, only for the caped crusader to destroy the aircraft before it took out the Batmobile. Once the remaining workers were out, Batman headed in the factory to confront Scarecrow. He found him in the central mixing chamber, prepping to disperse his fear toxin via the explosion he would cause. On the way in, he took on several troops set there by the Knight and Crane. Batman then arrived in the central mixing chamber where he found himself taking down armed troops and sentry turrets before confronting Scarecrow. Crane realized his foe was in the room, so he allowed Batman to try and apprehend him, only to reveal to the Dark Knight that he sent troops to kidnap Barbara.

The caped crusader contacted Barbara but spoke to her for a brief second before the connection was severed. Crane escaped while Batman was distracted and it was up to him to stop the blast before the toxin was dispersed. Batman contacted and ordered Alfred Pennyworth to find Barbara while he stopped the explosive. Against his faithful butler's protests, Batman activated the neutralizing agent to reduce the blast, however upon getting the final agent, Batman witnessed before his eyes a hallucination of the Joker holding him at gunpoint. In his mind, Batman contacted Gordon to meet him at the movie theater where he had several people infected with Joker's blood held in hopes of curing them. Batman wakes to see Joker's incorporeal form standing over him, but gets up and escapes with the aid of the Batmobile before the factory came down on top of him.

Realizing he would have to break the news about Barbara's capture to Gordon, Batman headed to the GCPD and told him Scarecrow had her. He and Gordon then took to the streets and were pursued by militia forces who were on a mission to capture the commissioner. Batman stopped them, then told Gordon to get into the Batmobile and they made their way to the clock tower. Upon their arrival, her ordered the commissioner to stay in the Batmobile while he took down the militia forces. Batman gave Gordon the all-clear as soon as the troops were dealt with and they entered the tower, where he showed him that Barbara had been secretly working for him.

Gordon was angered by this and told Batman to stay away from his family, then both went their separate ways. Using the computer at the clock tower, Batman found that the Arkham Knight took Barbara in a military truck which he traced the tire tracks, only to be stalled by the militia and an armored mine. Taking out the mine and the tanks, the caped crusader continued following the tire tracks until he got to the bridge leading to Miagani Island which was raised due to the militia. He headed over the other side on foot to take down their troops and lower the bridge.

Batman was then contacted by Riddler who recently captured Catwoman. He goes to take on Riddler's goons and saves Catwoman, only to discover Nigma placed a bomb around her neck to which he would need the keys in order to free Selina. Upon following the tracks, Batman found that the truck had crashed and so he set up a crime scene which led to him finding a microchip. He contacted Lucius to decrypt the chip's contents and then heads for Wayne Tower to continue his investigation. Batman then continues onward, only to be stalled by Man-Bat before continuing over the bridge to find Oracle.

He arrives at Wayne Tower where he meets up with Lucius and pin points the location of the Arkham Knight's last known transmission in the Miagani Tunnel Network. While making his way through the tunnels, Batman is ambushed by the Arkham Knight, then takes on several of his troops. He then found himself against the remaining tanks and pursuing the Knight. Upon stopping the APC, he discovers that the Arkham Knight was not actually in the APC, as the driver had been using a voice synthesizer programmed with the Knight's voice to act as a diversion to ensure the actual Arkham Knight got away. Nonetheless, Batman interrogated the driver by having the Batmobile's tires nearly crush the driver's head as clear sign of how desperate Batman is to try and find the Arkham Knight and Oracle, and he revealed that Penguin was supplying the Knight with weapons via his front company North Refrigeration.



  • Trained to a physical and mental peak
  • Arsenal of gadgets, vehicles, and advanced technology
  • Inventor, detective, genius-level intelligence
  • Expert in most known forms of martial arts
  • Trained in all aspects of criminology
  • Mastery of the physical sciences
  • Computer expert
  • Master of disguise
  • Photographic memory
  • Trained in stealth and espionage techniques
  • Expert escape artist
  • The "Initiation" DLC reveals that even when not wearing his WayneTech-equipped Batsuit, Bruce Wayne's extensive martial arts training allows him to visualize his surroundings in a manner reminiscent of Detective Mode, referred to simply as "Concentration".

Challenge Mode GameplayEdit

Batman: Arkham AsylumEdit

Additional gameplay can be unlocked for Batman by players completing some of the Riddler's specific challenges. This unlocks Challenge Mode, which allows players to practice their skills as Batman on waves of the Joker's thugs, and post their scores on online leaderboards. Challenge Mode also allows players unlock combat achievement trophies after playing Batman: Arkham Asylum. The challenge maps in Challenge Mode are divided into melee and stealth challenges.

The melee challenges pit Batman in an enclosed, arena-like, battle room to face off against a number of thugs and inmates who come in to face the Dark Knight in groups. The stealth challenges are when Batman must defeat all the goons without being detected in a large area of Arkham Asylum, often complete with nooks and crannies for Batman to hide in and ambush enemies. Batman may sometimes fight specific enemies from the regular game, including Victor Zsasz, the Venom Henchman, and the Titan Guard. Challenge Maps returns in Arkham City.

Batman's Melee Challenge MapsEdit

Intensive Treatment

  • Round 1- Batman must face three Blackgate convicts trying to attack him at the Holding Cells.
  • Round 2- Batman must face one of the Joker's "security guards" (An imposter in a pilfered asylum guard jacket) and four other convicts in clown makeup the Joker sends out to fight him.
  • Round 3- Batman must face two unarmed convicts, and four other inmates carrying lead pipes.
  • Round 4- Batman must face a team of convicts and one of the Joker's "security guards". Lead pipes littering the floor from the previous round may be picked up and utilized by the desperate henchmen.

Sewer Bat

  • Round 1- Batman must face four convicts under the Joker's employ in the Old Sewer.
  • Round 2- Batman must face a knife-wielding High Security Henchman and a group of other inmates, including one of the Joker's "security guards".
  • Round 3- Batman must battle six convicts attempting to kill him on the Joker's orders. If the fight is prolonged one of the prisoners will take a piece of piping off one of the Old Sewer's walls and attempt using it against Batman.
  • Round 4- Batman must take down a High Security Henchman, two imposter "security guards", and an army of convicts. If the fight is prolonged one of the convicts (most likely a fake "security guard") will go for a riot gun locker or take a cement block off the wall to hurl it at Batman.

Shock and Awe

  • Round 1- Batman must contend with four inmates in the Extreme Incarceration area of the Penitentiary, one of which wields a lead pipe. He has 43 seconds before the Arkham security systems electrify the floor and shock him into unconsciousness.
  • Round 2- Batman must face a team of five convicts led by an imposter "security guard", one of which carries a lead pipe. The "security guard" wields an electrified stun baton taken from a real guard and can block most of Batman's attacks. Batman has 58 seconds before the floor electrifies.
  • Round 3- Batman must face a group of eight thugs led by an imposter "security guard" sent into the Penitentiary to attack him. Two of the thugs are High Security Henchmen armed with knives, and two others are armed with pipes. Batman must defeat them all within a 73 second limit before the floor electrifies. As the fight intensifies, at least one of the convicts will draw out a stun baton to use against Batman. The convicts may also climb onto another part of the floor to open the emergency riot gun locker stored there.
  • Round 4- Batman must face a team of the Joker's inmates led personally by Victor Zsasz and two "security guard" imposters. Two of the convicts carry stun batons, and there are three lead pipes lying scattered across the floor which inmates will no doubt snag and attempt to use against Batman. Zsasz and his henchmen must all be eliminated before 88 seconds are up. As soon as one opponent loses a stun baton, another will instantly bend over to retrieve it, making this last combat challenge one of the hardest of all. Almost all the inmates (except Zsasz) will attempt to get their hands on a stun baton or a lead pipe, and the "security guards" seem to have a higher tendency to do so.

Rumble in the Jungle

  • Round 1- Batman must face a High Security Henchmen and six Blackgate convicts tasked with guarding the Titan Production Facility in the Botanical Gardens, one of which carries a lead pipe.
  • Round 2- Batman must contend with a team of twelve Blackgate convicts sent to capture him, including three "security guards". One of the "security guards" and four other thugs are armed with lead pipes. If the fight is prolonged one of the convicts will take a cement block off the wall to hurl it at the Dark Knight.
  • Round 3- Batman faces a High Security Henchman, who leads a "security guard" and five other Blackgate convicts in an attempt to attack him. One of the convicts carries an electrified stun baton and may block many of Batman's attacks. Another convict also carries a lead pipe, and the pipes that litter the floor from the previous round will no doubt be utilized by some of the convicts.
  • Round 4- Two "security guards", six other thugs, and even a ferocious Venom Henchman make this desperate attempt to dispatch Batman in the Titan Production Facility. Most of the Batman's opponents in this last combat challenge will try making use of anything they can get their hands on to use as a weapon. At least three enemies will attempt to retrieve a lead pipe from the floor. As soon as one opponent loses a lead pipe, another will likely retrieve it. The Venom Henchman will try to hurl one of the senseless convicts at Batman, and attempt to ram him with his hulking body.

Batman: Arkham CityEdit

Alternate CostumesEdit

Joker's CarnivalEdit

  • Pre-order Exclusive and DLC pack

Iceberge LoungeEdit

  • Collector's Edition Exclusive and DLC pack


  • DLC pack

Psychological Profile (by Dr. Young)Edit

Batman Arkham



Real Name: Unknown

Psychological Profile: Despite the Batman's relationship with GCPD and his public perception of him as a hero, I have gathered numerous reports of his activities from the inmates of the asylum, and have personally begun to wonder if they are his true peer group. Purely theoretically, I would posit the man who calls himself "Batman" as an antisocial, possibly borderline individual with paranoid tendencies. His "crime-fighting" activities seem motivated by a belief that criminal behavior is some kind of personal affront, his use of an alias indicates identity disturbance, and he has a flagrant disregard for society's norms and laws.

Additional Notes:

I'd presume a childhood free from trauma; his mix of disorders seems much more likely to be caused by genetic predisposition, and possible substance abuse.

His ideation around bats is peculiar and unique. My hope is to gather enough material from Arkham's inmates to publish a psychological profile of the Batman, in which I would name a new category for his specific affliction. Chiroptera complex?

Arkham City Profile: Dr. Hugo StrangeEdit

Bruce Wayne

A.K.A: Batman

They say hindsight is 20/20. When reviewing all of the facts, Batman's personality gives ample clues to his identity. He lives by a strict code—protect the innocent and apprehend the guilty, but never kill for any reason. His radical sense of justice makes him almost predictable. Batman's victory over the Joker last year highlights this. By allowing the Joker to survive, has Batman sealed his own fate?

Dr. Hugo Strange: Side Note

I know your secret, Batman

~ Hugo Strange


Batman: Arkham OrignsEdit

  • "Black Mask. Put a bounty on my head. Where is he?"
  • "I am the reason the criminals breathe easier when the sun rises."
  • "I'm not playing games, Slade."
  • "You want teeth. I want answers."
  • "Noted."
  • "Tonight will not be my end. But it will be theirs!"

Batman: Arkham AsylumEdit

  • "Warden! Something's not right. I'm going with him."
  • "Not where you're going."
  • "The Joker's loose. Alert the Warden!"
  • "If you think I'll let you run."
  • "Joker happened. You're lucky to be alive."
  • "Harley thinks she has me trapped in this room. She never was very bright."
  • "Joker's out of control, he's trying prove something. I'm not sure I can stop him this time."
  • "Gordon! Run!"
  • "It's spanish, for 'witch'."
  • "You have one chance to surrender Quinn."
  • "He's lying. It's just a diversion to keep people away."
  • "No Bane! This time...I break you!"
  • "Long night Jim?"
  • "Stay with your colleague. I'm ending this. Now."
  • "I'm sorry Jim."
  • "This isn't a simple escape attempt. Joker's been planning this."
  • Oracle. Pull up everything you can on Doctor Young. I'll contact you once I get to the cave."
  • "I know. It's been a popular suicide point for years. I once saved an unfortunate inmate from jumping to the rocks below."
  • "I've moved a number of supplies there over the past few years. It's best to plan ahead for situations like this."
  • "There are multiple references to a Titan-formula. Even a small amount could trigger a venom-like transformation, eliminating the need for the storage tank Bane requires."
  • "Wait a second, these notes aren't complete."
  • "Be quiet."
  • Gordon, get behind me!"
  • "Bane. Who did this to you?"
  • "Radio reports say Joker has planted bombs all over Gotham. Gotham will panic. You're needed there."
  • "I'm really not interested in a bunch of flowers Ivy."
  • "Don't worry. I'll stop her, then her boyfriend."
  • "Why all the smiles next to certain names?"
  • "I can handle these low-life thugs."
  • "I eat punks like these for breakfast."
  • "Oracle. Harley is...subdued."
  • "You need to stop this now. Before it goes too far."
  • "Let him go NOW!"
  • "NO!"
  • "Another mutation. If Joker is still mixing chemicals, he hasn't perfected the formula yet"
  • "Hmm. No sign of forced entry. Whoever got in here, knew the combination. Good. Doctor Young got to her notes before Joker."
  • Oracle. Disable the Batmobile's countermeasure system."
  • "Harley Quinn probably triggered the alarm. If she's still got Gordon with her, he could get hurt."

Batman: Arkham CityEdit

Batman: Arkham KnightEdit


  • Batman's defeat of Zsasz mirrored how he had dispatched of a goon in Batman Returns.
  • Batman's design in Arkham City is available as an alternate skin for those who pre-order Injustice: Gods Among Us at Walmart.
  • In Batman: Arkham Knight there are several references to Superman. One such reference being a message Wayne can listen to on his phone at Wayne Tower from t invading Metropolis next and another stating "No way man. You think the Bat's tougher to kill? You don't want to go up against the other guy in a cape.", in other words, Superman.
  • He's also got a dog's waterbowl in his office with the name "Ace" on it, obviously meaning Ace the Bat-Hound.
  • This is the only Batman franchise where Batman's identity as Bruce Wayne is exposed to the entire world, forcing him to go into hiding.


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