Batman AO
General Information
Real name: Bruce Wayne
First Appearance: Batman: Arkham Asylum (Detective Comics #27 May 1939)
Created by: Bob Kane
Bill Finger
Affiliations: Wayne Enterprises
Alfred Pennyworth
Abilities: Genius-level intelligence
Master detective
Master escapologist
Peak human physical condition
Master martial artist
Access to high tech equipment
Portrayed by: Roger Craig Smith (voice)
"I am the reason the criminals breathe easier when the sun rises."
―Batman to Alfred[src]

Batman is the masked vigilante who defends Gotham City.


When his parents were gunned down in front of him, young Bruce Wayne resolved to rid Gotham City of the criminal element that took their lives. He trained extensively to achieve mental and physical perfection, in addition to mastering martial arts, detective techniques, and criminal psychology. Dressing as a bat to prey on criminals' fears, Batman fights crimes with the aid of specialized gadgets and vehicles, operating out of his secret Batcave below Wayne Manor.

Batman: Arkham Origins

Main story

On Christmas Eve, Batman intervenes in a breakout at Blackgate penitentiary led by Black Mask. There, Black Mask executes Police Commissioner Loeb and then escapes while Batman confronts Black Mask's hired assassin Killer Croc. After defeating Croc, Batman learns that some of the world's deadliest assassins are in Gotham City to claim the $50 million bounty put on Batman's head by Black Mask. Batman makes his way to Jezebel Plaza to interrogate an arms dealer named Ricky 'Loose Lips' Leblanc and sees Loose Lips and Penguin's gang making an arms deal with an unknown criminal gang. Upon beating the thugs at the arms deal and capturing Loose Lips, Batman attempts to interrogate him by stranglehold. However, his attempt unintentionally knocks him unconscious instead.

After Loose Lips awakens, Batman starts to interrogate him up on the roof of the clock tower, then Batman got his phone and drops Loose Lips off the roof and straight into the Christmas tree. Batman tracks down the Penguin aboard his ship, believing he knows Black Mask's location. After arriving, Batman is forced to overcome the assassins Deathstroke and Electrocutioner, before learning from Penguin that there was a murder at Black Mask's safe house in Lacey Towers. Batman discovers that Anarky is placing bombs all over Gotham so decide to deactivate the bombs. Batman travels to the towers and investigates the murder scene, piecing together that the victim was not Black Mask, and the murder may have involved a new criminal known as "the Joker".

Needing more information to solve the case, Batman infiltrates the GCPD to access the National Criminal Database. In the midst of his escape, Batman encounters the newly promoted Commissioner James Gordon, and the corrupt SWAT team who hope to eradicate Gordon and collect Black Mask's bounty money for themselves. With advice from Gordon's daughter Barbara, Batman enters the sewers beneath the GCPD to secure permanent access to the database. There, he finds Black Mask's crew planting explosives. The database helps Batman uncover that Black Mask was kidnapped by the Joker, who Batman believes intends to use Black Mask to access the Gotham Merchants Bank.

Exiting the sewer, Batman encounters the Mad Hatter's mind-controlled henchmen, who sing a nursery rhyme inviting him to a “party” hosted by the Mad Hatter. The Mad Hatter then contacts Batman, explaining he had a business proposal; a girl then cries for help, before the Hatter silences her. At the bank, Batman encounters Black Mask, who is revealed to be the Joker in disguise: the Joker had replaced Black Mask days earlier, seizing his criminal empire and placing the bounty on Batman. Leaving the bank into Jezebel Plaza, Batman heard a baby crying in a carriage, but it turns out to be a recording. He is then encountered by one of the assassins, Shiva. Batman then pursues the Joker to the Sionis Steel Mill, where he frees Black Mask, and defeats the poisonous assassin Copperhead. Batman discovers an S.O.S and the helicopter was shot down by Deadshot, one of the assassins.

Tracking the Joker to the Royal Hotel, Batman finds that he and his men have taken control of the building, filled it with explosives, murdered the staff, and taken the guests hostage. Joker gathers the assassins about their failure to kill Batman, and throws Electrocutioner out of a window to his death: Batman recovers his electric gloves. The assassins depart except for Bane who believes Batman is coming for the Joker. Batman works his way through the building, eventually encountering Joker and fighting Bane.

Concerned Batman is outmatched, Alfred alerts the GCPD for help, who arrive and interrupt the fight. As Bane escapes by helicopter he fires a rocket at Joker, and the concussive force sends Joker falling from the hotel. Batman leaps after and saves the Joker before leaving him with the GCPD. The Joker is left intrigued by the events as he is imprisoned in Blackgate, and placed in the care of Dr. Harleen Quinzel. Talking to Quinzel, he explains that he now believes it was fate for he and Batman to meet.

In the Batcave, Alfred implores Batman to abandon his crusade, fearing he will die, but Batman refuses to listen. Batman enters the GCPD morgue and scanning the body of a Venom User. Locating Bane's hideout, Batman heard the GCPD Dispatcher that the Venom shipment was behind by Bird, Bane's lieutenant. Batman locates Bane's headquarters and discovers that Bane knows Batman is Bruce Wayne. Firefly launches an assault on the Pioneer Bridge, forcing Batman and Gordon to work together to overcome the assassin and his bombs. Meanwhile, Bane breaks into the Batcave and beats Alfred nearly to death. Batman returns to find the Batcave in ruins: Alfred dies after requesting that Batman not feel guilty over him. Batman manages to resuscitate Alfred using the Electrocutioner's gloves. Elsewhere, the Joker has taken over Blackgate after launching a riot.

Finally accepting that he needs allies, Batman works with Gordon and the GCPD to retake the prison. Batman is forced to fight Bane to the death when Joker places himself in an electric chair that will automatically kill him unless Bane dies: Batman uses the electric gloves to shock Bane to death. Satisfied, the Joker leaves, intending to detonate the bombs placed around the city. Batman resuscitates Bane, but he becomes enraged and injects himself with a prototype of Titan, known as TN-1, which transforms him into a hulking beast: Batman manages to defeat him, and the steroid's side effects damage Bane's memory.

With Gordon's help, Batman fights his way to the Joker in the prison chapel. Dismayed to learn that Batman saved Bane, the Joker tries to goad Batman into killing him, but Batman subdues him. Gordon decides to let Batman go, believing he can help the city. He then spent his time solving various murders throughout the city and mopping up. Eventually, after solving some murders that hit too close to home, as well as barely restraining himself from killing the murderer in anger over the deaths, he was contacted by James Gordon with the request to bring in 20 criminals who escaped from Blackgate due to the Joker's earlier riot. After successfully subduing all twenty, he requested that Gordon in exchange tell the GCPD to back off so he can do things his way, also telling him not to wait for too long, as he suspected that a similar event to what they just quelled will occur in the near future.

Cold Cold Heart

Six days later, on New Years Eve, Bruce Wayne hosted a cocktail party honoring Ferris Boyle, the CEO of GothCorp for winning the Humanitarian of the year award. Wayne, when told by Alfred that Boyle is likely to be competition for Gotham's most philanthropic industrialist, simply stated that Gotham needed more people like Boyle. They then greeted each other, with Wayne telling Boyle he'll change the world before Boyle was escorted out by Alfred to meet with the news reporters.

Shortly afterwards, just as they were about to count down to the New Year, an cryogenic-based explosive occurred in the ballroom, freezing several of the guests, and several members of the Penguin's gang did an armed takeover of the ballroom. Shortly afterwards, an enigmatic, blue-skinned, armored individual entered the ballroom, and after ruthlessly throwing a trapped guest and freezing him, demanded for Ferris Boyle. Wayne then tried to contact Alfred with this development.

However, he left the room due to Alfred not responding, only to be ambushed by a Penguin thug with a rifle butt to the face. Meanwhile, Alfred is trying to fend off against several members of Penguin's gang, although he ended up knocked out by one of the thugs by knocking a vase into him. Seizing the opportunity, Wayne managed to knock out his assailants before attending to Alfred, who merely stated that he's "been through worse." Wayne then told Alfred that, although he doesn't know why Penguin's gang wanted Ferris Boyle, he did know that there was an enigmatic armored man leading them.

Deciding that Batman was needed once more, Alfred discreetly informed Wayne that he should access the Batcave to don the batsuit. Wayne originally planned to go directly to the Batcave via the study. However, because the reporters were in the study, Wayne and Alfred decided that the former should access the Batcave via the wine cellar. While talking to Vicki Vale, Wayne learned that Boyle never made it to the interview.

While following the path to the Batcave, Wayne passed through the library, where he had to dispatch several of the Penguin's thugs as the entire mansion had been overrun by the gang. He also did this stealthfully as they were armed and he was ill-equipped to do direct confrontation with them. He then accessed the wine cellar, beating up more thugs, before accessing the Batcave entrance at the Wine Cellar's tasting room by pulling down the barrel portion of a statue and then using hand-scanning equipment to access it.

He also had to be very careful while accessing the underground path to the Batcave, as the path still suffered extensive damage from Bane's earlier attack on Wayne Manor. Upon accessing the elevator, Wayne was contacted by Alfred, being informed that the mechanized man's identity was "Mister Freeze," and suggested that he don the Extreme Environment (XE) batsuit.

However, because the suit wasn't fully tested, as well as learning that helicopters were arriving delivering more of the Penguin's gang, Wayne instead donned his regular Batsuit for the time being, while deciding to have Alfred put the finishing touches on the suit. In addition, his glue grenades were unavailable because the formula used was unstable, with the remaining doses decomposing by that time. While making his way back, the power unexpectedly went out, with Alfred telling Batman to hurry as the manor is being set ablaze by the Penguin's men (the Penguin had earlier ordered his men to torch the manor) before he ended up caught by the Penguin's thugs. Batman then rushed to get to Alfred, also fighting several of Penguin's thugs. He eventually discovered Alfred and the reporters being held hostage in the library, with the Wayne Crest blocking the exit. After dispatching the criminals, Batman led them to safety to the Study, with Boyle's secretary telling them that Penguin's thugs have cornered Boyle, and that they are most likely trying to kill him.

Batman then told Alfred to use the sprinklers to put out the fires (although because of the presence of the guests nearby, both Batman and Alfred had to talk in a way that indicated they were total strangers to throw off suspicion about Bruce Wayne and Batman being the same individual). Batman then encountered the thugs and managed to subdue them. However, Mr. Freeze interfered shortly thereafter and froze Batman in place with enough cryogenic fuel to stun Batman, telling the caped crusader that he has no quarrel with him and only wants Boyle.

Boyle then recognized Mr. Freeze as Victor Fries and protested as he is being led away. Batman then burst free of his icy constraints and pursued him to the ballroom, also taking out some of Penguin's thugs. However, Freeze anticipated Batman's pursuit, and had one of the Penguin thugs use a cryogenic weapon to freeze the door into the ballroom shut, forcing Batman to enter via the balcony, discovering Penguin's access to cryogenic weapons.

He then entered just in time to see Mr. Freeze getting away with Boyle on a chopper. Batman then attacked the thugs in the room as they were preparing to account for the loot they acquired, leaving one conscious in order to interrogate him regarding Freeze and Boyle's destination. However, none of the thugs at Wayne Manor knew where Freeze was headed, but he did point to an arms dealer of Penguin's who was responsible for selling the cryogenic weaponry to the Penguin via Mr. Freeze operating in South Gotham. Batman then used the Batwing once again to arrive at South Gotham. Batman expressed disgust that Mr. Freeze would target Boyle, and vowed to place him into Blackgate on a gurney.

He eventually arrived at South Gotham's Coventry District. While making his way down, he overheard a police dispatch that Anarky's men were taking advantage of the lack of Police enforcement in South Gotham and causing a ruckus. Batman decided to delay on dealing with Anarky's followers until after he tracked down Penguin's dealer and get the location of Freeze out of him. He eventually located a frozen police officer after dealing with several of Penguin's men. Setting up a crime scene, Batman deduced that the officer had stumbled upon the weapon's dealer by chance and attempted to take him in, but ended up frozen because he was ill-equipped to deal with him.

Being unable to save the officer with his current equipment, Batman was forced to leave him be for the moment. He also discovered a trail potentially leading him to the dealer, as the dealer's cryo gun was leaking when he froze the officer. He then informed Alfred about the Penguin and his gang using cryogenic weaponry to encase innocents in ice for various crimes, citing he'll find out where they got the weaponry after finding the dealer. He then followed the trail, also stopping several members of Penguin's gang while they were doing cryogenics-based crimes, including one that somehow resulted in the building they raided catching on fire from their use of a cryo weapon.

After tracking down the dealer during a weapons deal, he managed to attack him and his men, and proceeded to interrogate the dealer. He then learned that Freeze and Penguin made a deal: Cryogenic weapons in exchange for capturing Boyle, and their destination is GothCorp's corporate Headquarters. Batman believes him to be lying because GothCorp doesn't make weapons, much less cryogenic weapons, but the dealer insisted it was indeed GothCorp, and offered the access codes for GothCorp as proof.

Batman then took the codes before knocking him out. He then decided to investigate GothCorp's possible involvement in weapons development. Upon arriving at GothCorp's headquarters and taking out opposition both outside the premises and within (with Penguin having earlier ordered the latter to "come runnin'" if things went sideways), Batman learned that Boyle was being taken to the Propellent Research Wing of GothCorp by the Penguin and Mr. Freeze by one of the guards.

He also directed him to his superior, who was being held hostage in the Organics Lab, as he himself did not have the access codes to the Propellant Wing yet his superior does. After telling the guard to get to safety, he then went to the Organics Lab and dispatched the Penguin thugs interrogating the guard and got the codes before telling the guard to get to safety. Alfred then reported that the XE Suit's progress is slow, but he is working as fast as he can, with Batman informing Alfred that ice formations are currently impeding his progress. He then dealt with several waves of Penguin's thugs in the lobby before proceeding to the access of the Propellant Lab.

Because the main door had been frozen shut (presumably by Mr. Freeze to prevent Penguin from calling for backup), Batman instead had to access elevator shaft D-17 to access the main lab, also evading various cryogenic blasts from the pipes. Upon making it there, he discovered Penguin and Mr. Freeze arguing, as Mr. Freeze demanded Penguin supply him with Boyle, but Penguin was more interested in the weapons he had promised, with Freeze informing him that the contents of the room he was accessing were not of any interest to Penguin. Batman then knocked out several snipers, with Penguin ordering for his men to attack Batman, angered at his interfering with his plans again.

Freeze also noticed Batman's arrival and froze Penguin and his men in enough ice to restrain them. Because of the Penguin's aim being forcibly locked onto the latches of a coolant tank and the gun locked on fire mode, he was forced to have the tank's locking mechanism destroyed, with Batman being forced to dodge the tank. Freeze then yanked Boyle out of the frozen mass, and told him that he belonged to him now. Batman then told Freeze that he has one chance to let him go, but Freeze was unmoving, telling the caped crusader that his threats mean nothing to "a man who has lost everything." He then overloaded the cryogenic tanks with his freeze gun to create an icy barrier to deter pursuit.

Batman then interrogated the Penguin (who was trapped in the barrier save for his face), learning that they had a cryodrill that is the only thing capable of breaking the barrier, and that it was located at My Alibi. Batman then left, although not before telling Penguin that his current status was the only thing preventing Batman from giving the mobster a beatdown. Batman eventually discovered cryogenic vapors of enough quantity to instantly kill him in his current state, forcing him to evade the fumes. After taking out several thugs attempting to escape the compromised Propellant Wing, he then escaped by disabling a propeller above, and also evacuated a security guard caught in the cryovapor-flooded Organics Lab. He then told the guard he'll return once he managed to recover the cryodrill, and confirmed that Freeze will try to stop Batman "with any luck."

Batman then made his way to the My Alibi nightclub, also learning from Alfred that the XE Suit had not only been completed, but also just been loaded onto a drop container, and told him to drop it off at the My Alibi nightclub. However, he discovered various armed guards at the nightclub's premises, necessitating that he take them all out before Alfred can drop it off. After doing so and donning the XE Suit, he then proceeded to enter the club. After saving some of the cops with the XE Suit's thermal gloves and taking out several members of the Penguin's gang, he proceeded to interrogate Loose-Lips about the location of the cryodrill that Penguin stole.

Loose-Lips confirmed that he stole it, but that the Penguin ordered him to dismantle the drill and split it up into different parts of South Gotham, and gave him the locations under the request that the Dark Knight not drop him off a roof again. Batman then tracked down the drill pieces, although he discovered it lacked fuel. Alfred then revealed that the organic superconducting fuel it used was developed by Mr. Freeze's original identity, Dr. Victor Fries.

Batman then realized that Freeze must have been a disgruntled former employee at GothCorp, and that he may want revenge due to his lab being shut down and quarantined due to an accident. Upon returning to GothCorp, also taking out several of Penguin's thugs, he then removed the cryovapor clouds by restarting the vents as well as fixing the generators. Upon accessing the lab, he noticed that things were out-of-place for it to be a mere accident, and noticed that the lab did research on weapons development. He then set up a crime scene. He noticed that the guard had the same skin as Mr. Freeze, and that he died from heat stroke despite it being room temperature.

He then noticed handprints on the window that contained Victor Fries' fingerprints on it, a guard flash-frozen from a discharged cryogenic cannon, as well as signs of a struggle and pistol-whipping of Fries. He eventually found a handgun and discovered that the handgun had belonged to Ferris Boyle, indicating he was indeed aware of the weapons development at GothCorp. Upon analyzing gurney tracks frozen on the floor as well as the machine Fries had been working on, he discovered that he had in fact been working on a cure for Huntington's Chorea, and that the subject had been his own wife, Nora Fries. He then deduced that Mr. Freeze, then known as Dr. Victor Fries, had entered a deal with Boyle to work on cryogenic weapons development in exchange for funding to researching a cure for Huntington's Chorea.

However, he eventually learned that Boyle had absolutely no intention of meeting his end of the bargain, as he was more interested in how Fries managed to successfully place his wife in cryostasis, so Fries then proceeded to take matters into his own hands and divert research towards a cure behind Boyle's back. Boyle eventually discovered this, and had Nora confiscated and had several guards beat him, also pistol-whipping him himself. During the struggle, Fries accidentally knocked over a prototype cryogenic cannon which destroyed a cryogenic generator. Boyle quickly left the room and left them for dead. Fries was knocked down by the remaining guard, but then witnessed the guard's death from heat stroke. Realizing he'll die in his current condition, he developed a suit to ensure his core subzero body temperature was retained so he could walk outside the lab.

Batman then realized that Freeze's violence was out of desperation to save his wife and began to feel sympathy for Mr. Freeze and that he only intended to use Boyle's security clearance to get his wife out, not kill Boyle. He also developed a newfound disgust towards Boyle for his actions. He then had Alfred transmit the evidence to the GCPD. He also told Alfred that, although he sympathized with Freeze's motives, he nonetheless has to stop him. Batman proceeded to return to the Propellant Lab as Penguin's men attempted to free Penguin from his icy prison with their boss issuing threats. After knocking them out, Batman then proceeded to use the drill, and left Penguin to be trapped.

He eventually entered the cryogenics lab, and attempted to tell Freeze to stop his actions, telling him that Boyle will face judgment for his crimes and that Freeze's actions of harming innocents would not have been what Nora wanted. However, he was forced to fight Freeze and disable the cryogenerators. After subduing Freeze, Batman got in the way of the cryogenic blast directed at Freeze by Boyle, being frozen solid. However, he broke out and proceeded to subdue the sociopathic CEO as he was sadistically beating Freeze and proceeded to restore functions to Freeze's suit and Nora's cryogenic chamber, also promising Freeze that although he can't give him peace, he can at least give him justice.

Batman: Arkham Origins: Blackgate

Three months after the Joker's riot at Blackgate, Batman had become the most feared individual in the Gotham underworld, with several criminals even upping the stakes to compete with him. During a patrol of the city, Batman encountered a female cat burglar by the name of Catwoman who was stealing classified data. He tried to stop and apprehend her, although forces belonging to the Department of Extranormal Operations surrounded them, mistaking Batman as being an accomplice to Catwoman in the theft, forcing Batman to not only pursue Catwoman through various rooftops, but also to take down the DEO agents as well.

He eventually cornered her on a crane of an under construction building, although she nonetheless managed to transfer the data to her unknown employer. They then fought, with Batman effortlessly beating her. Batman then attempted to get her to talk regarding it, citing that her stance as a criminal will mean she will be sent to Blackgate Prison, and offered to give her a lenient sentence if she talks. However, she refused, and Batman proceeded to bail out when police choppers arrived.

Two weeks later, Batman, largely because he had hacked into the police scanner, was called in by Commissioner Gordon, who informed him that an explosion at Blackgate occurred six hours earlier, and the entire prison staff was taken hostage by the now-freed prisoners in the ensuing riot. Batman then volunteered to infiltrate the prison alone, despite it being an impregnable wall from the river. When Gordon warned him that criminals of all stripes in the prison are likely eager for a chance to have his blood for his role in locking them up, Batman merely confirmed this and stated that they were about to get their shot. Batman eventually managed to cross over from the river and scale the wall.

He then overheard Catwoman and three thugs belonging to the Joker, Black Mask, and Penguin conversing, the latter three apparently attempting to force Catwoman to choose which group she should join. After subduing her attackers, Batman learned from Catwoman that Penguin, Black Mask, and Joker have staked out the Cell Blocks, Industrial, and Administration Wings, controlling movement around Blackgate and allegedly locking all the staff on the Arkham Wing.

Batman is naturally suspicious of her due to being a criminal, although he ultimately accepts her offer to help due to having little chance of successfully taking on the task alone, although under the condition that she not trick him. Catwoman then used her status to illicit information to supply to Batman for their mission. Batman then called in the Batwing remotely to scan the Blackgate Prison facilities' layout so he can navigate through them.

Batman: Assault on Arkham

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Batman: Arkham Asylum

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Batman: Arkham City

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Batman: Arkham Knight

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Challenge Mode Gameplay

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  • Trained to a physical and mental peak
  • Arsenal of gadgets, vehicles, and advanced technology
  • Inventor, detective, genius-level intelligence
  • Expert in most known forms of martial arts
  • Trained in all aspects of criminology
  • Mastery of the physical sciences
  • Computer expert
  • Master of disguise
  • Photographic memory
  • Trained in stealth and espionage techniques
  • Expert escape artist


  • "Black Mask. Put a bounty on my head. Where is he?"
  • "I am the reason the criminals breathe easier when the sun rises."
  • "I'm not playing games, Slade."
  • "You want teeth. I want answers."
  • "Noted."
  • "Tonight will not be my end. But it will be theirs!"


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