"This is why Superman works alone."
―Batman to Robin.[src]

Batman was the alias of Bruce Wayne, the sworn protector of Gotham City.


Early LifeEdit

Bruce witnessed his parents' murder as a young boy, which inspired him to stand against crime and become Batman.

Fighting Over Poison IvyEdit

Batman and Robin, both got affected by Poison Ivy's mind control dust, which caused them to fight over her throughout the film. Batman soon realized what happened, and avoided her beauty and charms while Robin was still influenced. Eventually, Batman was able to gain Robin's trust again and the Dynamic Duo, along with their new partner, Batgirl, managed to apprehend Ivy, who was then imprisoned at Arkham Asylum.

Thawing Mr. FreezeEdit

Batman was tasked with apprehending a thief with a tragic background, known as Mr. Freeze.

Throughout the film, Bruce thought about his relationship with his butler and friend, Alfred Pennyworth.


Batman with Robin and Batgirl.

Batman stopped Freeze, along with Robin and Batgirl, from freezing Gotham with the new telescope at the Gotham Observatory, and revealed to Freeze that Poison Ivy had tried to kill his wife, Nora, in order to be the only woman in his life. Batman promised to have Freeze's wife moved to the lab at Arkham Asylum, where he would be able to continue his research and find a cure for her disease. Freeze also provided Batman with an antidote to save a dying Alfred, who suffered from a lesser case of the same disease: MacGregor's Syndrome. Freeze was locked up in Arkham, where he promised to make Ivy's life "a living hell"

Back at Wayne Manor, Bruce gave Alfred the antidote, and saved his life. After initial hesitation, Bruce allowed Alfred's niece, Barbara Wilson, to continue being Batgirl and join the crime-fighting team.


Behind the Scenes Edit