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Batman (1949)
General Information
Real name: Bruce Wayne
Alignment: Good
Portrayed by: Robert Lowery
Appearances: Batman and Robin

Batman was the guardian of Gotham City.


After retiring from the war effort, Batman and Robin set their sights on cleaning up the streets of Gotham after the city was hit with a crime wave. Their latest foe was The Wizard, a mysterious cloaked figure and criminal mastermind who used his ingenious inventions that he had in fact stolen from the famous scientist, Professor Hammil to bully and intimidate the entire town into doing what he wanted but was ultimately unmasked by The Dynamic Duo as Hammil's assistant, Carter who stole his inventions to terrorize Gotham and become filthy rich. He was thrown in jail and his reign of terror was brought to an end with Batman and Robin setting off into more adventures..............

Behind the scenesEdit

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