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Batman (Telltale)
General Information
Real name: Bruce Wayne
First Appearance: Batman: The Telltale Series
Created by: Bob Kane
Bill Finger
Affiliations: Alfred Pennyworth
Harvey Dent
James Gordon
Selina Kyle/Catwoman
Abilities: Genius-level intelligence
Master detective
Peak human physical condition
Master martial artist
Access to high tech equipment
Portrayed by: Troy Baker (voice)

Batman is a masked vigilante who battles crime and corruption in Gotham City. To the public, he is philanthropic billionaire Bruce Wayne.


Bruce Wayne was the son of Dr. Thomas Wayne and his wife Martha, the heir to the Wayne fortune. When he was 9 years old, the family, whilst returning from the Monarch Theatre of a showing of "The Mark of Zorro", were ambushed by Joe Chill, who shot his parents dead. Before he could shoot Bruce, Chill was forced to flee upon hearing police sirens. Picked up by the family's butler Alfred Pennyworth, Bruce grew up under his care. After this event, he pledged to avenge his parents and make Gotham a safer place.

After years of training and by his late twenties, Bruce had taken up the mantle of the Batman, inspired by his childhood fear of bats. He began fighting crime in Gotham, making both allies and enemies. As his civilian identity, he became friends with District Attorney Harvey Dent and, as Batman, an ally of Lieutenant James Gordon.

Episode One: Realm of Shadows

NOTICE: The events described impacted by the player's decisions. This is only a brief summary of the events that take place. Decisions made and their impacts will be show either in italics if a single decision affects the subject of the article or tabs if both decisions affect it.

Upon receiving police reports that Gotham City Hall was being invaded by a group of armed mercenaries, Batman alerted Gordon that he was going in. Locating them on the 52nd floor, he swung into the building and took down four of the six assailants. He also fought the leader of the group, throwing him into the Mayor's office, discovering that a woman in a catsuit had broken in already and had stolen from the safe. After defeating the last member of the mercenaries, Batman chased her to the roof. The two fought briefly, during which he bruised her eye and recovered a encrypted drive. A member of a group of cops, having arrived some time during their scuffle, shot Batman, allowing the "Catwoman" the opportunity to escape. However, he threw an EMP mine, shocking her unconscious, but causing her to fall off the building. Batman jumped off after Catwoman and caught her, but she escaped by pickpocketing his Grappling Gun from his utility belt and using it to hang from a passing monorail.

Bruce returned to Wayne Manor, where Alfred performed minor surgery to close his new wounds and prepared for the fundraiser he was hosting to help Harvey receive the necessary funds to run for Gotham City Mayor and attract attention from Gotham's elite to him. After witnessing his speech, Bruce and Harvey talked, the latter enquiring about the former's lateness. Bruce also tried to convince Wayne Enterprise Board members Robert and Regina Zellerbach into voting for Harvey and got into brief conversation with Gotham Gazette reporter Vicki Vale. After being alerted by Alfred that Carmine Falcone had arrived, Bruce briefly chatted with Harvey, who admitted to inviting the crime-lord, in the hopes that he would help get the strings pulled to get him into the Mayor seat. Bruce welcome Falcone, who was offering to buy the house, and the two talked privately in the parlor. Harvey may also attend the meeting, should the player insist he comes.

Falcone offered Bruce to become one of his "friends" within Gotham, hoping that getting him would increase his influence on Dent. When reluctant, Carmine also brought up Bruce's father, stating that he knew which people to associate with and influence Gotham.

Bruce accepts Falcone's offer and the latter leaves in good spirits. He'll comment that he's not interested in buying the house, as "a nice guy like [Bruce] deserves it".

Bruce either asks him to leave or tells him not to talk about his father in the way he has. Falcone will leave in bad spirits and comment that he's no longer interested in the house, commenting that "[Bruce] is a "prick" and will get whatever's coming to him".

After the fundraiser, Bruce returned to the Batcave and began looking at the drive he'd confiscated from "Catwoman". He found it was encrypted, but set the Batcomputer to decrypt it and found that it contained a map of Gotham, notably the East Side Docks. He also searched up Catwoman in the GCPD archives, finding nothing about her but a few jobs outside the city. Whilst talking to Alfred, who worried about his frequent activities as Batman and the possibility of him either dying or having his identity exposed, Bruce also learnt that his childhood friend Oswald "Oz" Cobblepot had been at the fundraiser and was making arrangements to meet up in his family's old park. Learning more about Oz's past after he'd left Gotham, Bruce decided to attend, hoping it either to reconnect with him or find out why he returned to Gotham.

Bruce went to Cobblepot park at the allotted time, but received a text from Oswald saying that he was running late. Whilst waiting at the statue, Bruce was set upon by two muggers, however Oswald arrived before anything serious happened and the two fought off the muggers. Oswald greeted him and the two conversed about their own pasts since their last meeting, particularly the Cobblepot family's collapse and Bruce's parents' deaths. They also discussed Carmine's attendance of the party, with Oswald showing his displeasure towards the crime boss, expressing his desire to see him fall. He then brought up that he was leading a "revolution" that would change Gotham and told Bruce that when it started, he'd better be on the right side. Oswald left to organize the revolution, whilst Bruce received a text from Alfred about the Wayne Memorial Hospital press conference.

Arriving at the conference just in time, Bruce and Harvey announced their intentions to use it to replace Arkham Asylum. During the conference, Bruce received a text from Alfred, asking him to come back to the manor urgently. Bruce either ignores it or responds. After talking about his parents and why they were the reason he was building the hospital, Bruce received another text from Alfred saying that the GCPD had arrived at Wayne Manor. Whilst holding a Q&A at the conference, Bruce learnt that all media establishments had received information about an account held by both his father and Carmine Falcone. Receiving many questions about his family's ties to the Falcone crime family, Bruce decided to leave, only to received a call from Alfred, who told him that the GCPD had raided Wayne Manor.

Bruce returned immediately, only to find the GCPD officers in the middle of the investigation. Led by Lieutenant James Gordon, the officers took many files related to Wayne Enterprises and left some of the house in a state of mess. Gordon also left a warrent with Bruce, which was approved by Mayor Hamilton Hill. After picking up a photo of him and his parents, Bruce had a flashback to their murder at Chill's hands, but this was interrupted by Vicki. She returned to comfort him and get a quote to get his side of the story. After they discussed possible theories on who may have released this "evidence", Vicki asked Bruce to give a quote.

Bruce agrees to give a quote, choosing to either that his family is innocent, justice will be served or claiming that the story is just fiction. Whichever the player chooses, Vicki will remember this and the quote will be used in a news report, at the end of the episode.

Bruce refuses to give a quote and shows Vicki out. If the player chooses this, rumors about Bruce's links to organized crime may appear stronger to the public's eye.

As Vicki left, she reassured Bruce that he would beat these rumors. After she left, he and Alfred decided to check out the warrant with Harvey, to see whether he had knowledge about what had happened.

Bruce went to Café Triste that evening, where he met Harvey and produced the warrant. Surprised that Hill had done this without his authority, Bruce and Harvey discussed plans to find out why the Mayor had done this. The conversation was interrupted by Harvey's date, Selina Kyle, who Bruce easily recognized as Catwoman, due to the bruise on her eye. Whilst the two pretended not to know each other, they conversed about what had brought her to Gotham, the cover story for her black eye and the reports about the Waynes' alleged corruption. Whilst Harvey left to rally damage control, Bruce and Selina talked, though he also learnt that she had figured out he was Batman. She wondered why Bruce was fighting crime, especially since he wasn't doing it for money, and demanded that he gave her back the drive. He refused, but instead offered to take down her employer, so she didn't suffer repercussions. Though reluctant at first, Selina gave him the address that she was meant to deliver the drive to and he left shortly after Harvey returned to the table.

Bruce changed into his Batman suit and arrived at the address, which lead him to a warehouse. He found that there had been a shootout between the GCPD and a group of mercenaries. Using clues that he found, he deduced that the mercs had been trying to steal containers containing psychogenic chemicals and had alerted the GCPD. He also decuded that a sniper had shot one of the barrels, causing it to explode, killing a cop and sending another into a fit of rage when exposed to the contents. That same cop was put down by the sniper, who had shot him with a incendiary round, killing the officer and burning up his skull. Using the possible locations, due to the trajectory with the two targets, Batman located the sniper and interrogated him. The sniper insisted that he worked for Falcone and that they had been sent to steal the chemicals for him, claiming that it was just some explosive that Falcone would use. When done interrogating, Batman left the sniper behind to be pick up by the GCPD. The player has the option of either breaking the sniper's arm or leaving him tied up.

Before he could leave, Batman heard and Sargent Renee Montoya arrive on the scene. Here, the player has the option to either stay behind to talk to Gordon or to leave.

Gordon and Montoya find Batman and the sniper. He gives them the information he collected on the scene and from interrogating the sniper before departing back to the Batcave.

Batman leaves before they can find him and leaves without talking to Gordon. However, the latter and Montoya find the sniper and quickly deduce that Batman was there before them. Gordon catches a sight of the vigilante, though is unable to act before he leaves.

Episode Two: Children of Arkham

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Episode Three: New World Order

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Batman's character is up to the player.


Alfred Pennyworth

Harvey Dent

James Gordon

Selina Kyle/Catwoman

Vicki Vale/Lady Arkham

Bruce Wayne turned to Vicki Vale for guidance and support for damage control of his family's reputation. However, unknown to him, she was secretly faking her offers to help in order to gain information and try to help destroy his and the Wayne reputation. During the Wayne Enterprises press conference and after his speech, she revealed her true intentions and drugged him, forcing him to attack Oswald Cobblepot.

Oswald "Oz" Cobblepot/Penguin

Oswald and Bruce were once childhood friends, the two growing up together as close friends. However, after Oswald's mother was unjustifiably committed to Arkham Asylum by Thomas Wayne, he would come to see his old friend and family as corrupt to the core. Though on initial meeting, Oswald showed no ill favor towards Bruce, he would work behind the scenes with the Children of Arkham to take down the Wayne family and tarnish their legacy.

Bruce's feelings towards Oswald may be antagonistic, depending on the player's choice, or friendly, even during Oswald's take over of Wayne Enterprises. However, he showed concern over his friends decisions and would try to stop him and the Children of Arkham as Batman.

Carmine Falcone

Bruce's relationship with Falcone depends on the decisions made during dialogue. At first, Falcone will appear calm and friendly. However, if the player chooses dialogue that does not support the mob boss or refuses to perform polite gestures to the mob boss, like shaking his hand in public, he will become increasingly aggressive towards them. However, if they do the opposite, Falcone will show more respect towards Bruce.


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