General Information
Real name: Bruce Wayne
Aliases: The Batman
The Dark Knight
Portrayed by: Diedrich Bader (Voice)
Appearances: Batman: The Brave and the Bold

Batman is a crime-fighting vigilante, and the sworn protector of Gotham City.


Bruce Wayne lost his parents one cold Christmas night. Disappointed with a present he received: a Nutcracker, Thomas and Martha took him to a Zorro movie to make up for it. When Joe Chill, hired by Lew Moxon, shot them down, guilt over how his tantrum lead them to go to the theater helped contribute to Batman's drive and focus on fighting crime.

In varying missions, Batman fought alongside Aquaman, Plastic Man, Red Tornado, Atom, and with Green Lanterns.

Batman was captured by Clock King, along with Green Arrow, they eventually freed themselves and fought Clock King and his henchmen.

He came to be an ally of Blue Beetle. On one mission they saved the Gibbles from Kanjar Ro.

Batman fought alongside Plastic Man against Gorilla Grodd on Dinosaur Island.

He would join Aquaman against the villainous team-up of Ocean Master and Black Manta.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

  • Martial Arts: Batman is an accomplished martial artist and can defeat nearly any opponent in hand-to-hand combat. The specific fighting disciplines that the Batman is proficient in are unknown.
  • Mechanical Aptitude: Batman possesses knowledge of mechanical engineering and often employs this talent when constructing or upgrading equipment for use in crime-fighting.

Strength levelEdit

Batman possesses peak human strength that is beyond the best of athletes due to rigorous training.


  • Batsuits: Normal Suit, Underwater Suit, Space Suit, Green Lantern Suit (From "The Eyes of Desperpo!"), 19th Century Batsuit (From "Trials of the Demon!", when Etregan makes him a new costume)
  • Batlaser
  • Space Gear
  • Gas Mask/Underwater Mask/Space Breather
  • Bat-Glider Wings
  • Utility Belt


  • Batarangs
    • Emergency Batarangs
  • Batgrenades
  • Collapsable Sword



Batman: The Brave and the BoldEdit

Season OneEdit

Season TwoEdit

Season ThreeEdit


  • The design of the Batsuit is slightly modified version of the Batsuit from the 1960s Batman TV show and the Silver Age of Comics. Although, there are some episodes that show flashbacks to the times that he wore a batsuit similar to the one from the Golden Age.




Concept artEdit

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