Batman Beyond
Batman Beyond V1 01 Cover
General Information
Type: Limited Series
Total Issues: 6
Published: 1999
Creators: Hilary J.Bader
Rick Burchett
Joe Station
Terry Beatty
Lee Loughridge
Tim Harkins
Darren Vincenzo
Joeseph Illidge


Batman Beyond was a six-issue limited series published in 1999. The series is based on the Batman Beyond animated series. The central character of the series is Terry McGinnis, the successor to the now elderly Bruce Wayne who has taken up the mantle of the Batman. This series was followed by Batman Beyond (Volume 2), which also began publication in 1999.

The issues take place during the animated series, although it is not always clear on the chronology of the events, and follow a similar style to the animated series.



  • All six issues appear in the Collected Edition of Batman Beyond: The Mini-Series TPB
  • The first two issues are the comic book version of the first two episodes of the Animated series. (Rebirth, Part 1 and Part 2)


  • Coming soon

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