Batman Beyond (Volume 2) is set after the previous volume mini-series and during the Batman Beyond animated series, which it is based on. The central character of the series is Terry McGinnis, the successor to the now elderly Bruce Wayne who has taken up the mantle of the Batman. Terry now has his own rogue gallery to face, and must prove himself worthy of the Bat-Suit while managing his school life, family life, commitments to his girlfriend Dana Tan and his civilian job as Bruce Wayne's personal assistant.

The issues take place during the animated series, although it is not always clear on the chronology of the events, and follow a similar style to the animated series.

Both the Animated Series and the comics ended in 2001, and the comics were not restarted until 2010, with Batman Beyond (Volume 3). Volume two was the last Batman Beyond series with this style of art and younger target audience with later Volumes becoming darker and stemming away from the DC Animated Universe.



  • Issues #13-14 & #21-22 are collected in DC Comics Presents: Batman Beyond 100 Page Spectacular.
  • Justice League Unlimited from issues #21-22 reappear in Batman Beyond (Volume 5) their own series Justice League Beyond.


  • Originally, Batman Beyond #3 was to focus on the Terrific Trio from the episode "Heroes". The story would have 2-D Man and Magma trying to revive their former teammate, Freon. It was rejected due to their resemblance to the Fantastic Four.