Terry McGinnis – the Batman of the future – and an elderly Bruce Wayne – the original Batman – star in this new title collecting the hit 6-issue miniseries. When someone targets The Dark Knight's old foes, the new Batman must begin a case that reaches into Bruce Wayne's past and puts Terry's future directly in danger.

Batman Beyond (Volume 3) is a mini-series set after the Batman Beyond animated series, it's accompanying comics (Batman Beyond Volumes 1 and 2) and the animated movie Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker. It sets up the new line of Beyond comics, which continue in Batman Beyond (Volume 4) and Batman Beyond Unlimited. The series answers the question of what happened to the Beyondverse Dick Grayson as well as focuses on the relationship between Bruce and Terry and the issues surrounding Terry taking on the role of Batman.

This series also sees the fate of Bruce Wayne's old enemies as Batman such as Signalman, The Mad Hatter, Cavalier, Hush and Calendar Man. It also see's the introduction of the Beyondverse's Catwoman and Dr. Thawne, possibly a relation to Professor Eobard Thawne, or Professor Zoom, from the Flash comics. Killer Croc is also mentioned to be held by Cadmus, but remains unseen.



  • Issues were released separately as Batman Beyond (2011) and as a collected edition in Batman Beyond: Hush Beyond.
  • It is presumed that Dick's injuries happened some time close before Tim's kidnapping in Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker, as Dick was not shown to be involved with the search or rescue attempt and it could not have happened after due to Joker's death.
  • Issue #1 has three different variant covers, one being simply a color change of another one.
  • This series connects the Beyondverse to the mainstream DC Universe, with Dick mentioning Silver St. Cloud. Previously the Beyondverse only pulled on the DC Animated Universe.
  • Jared, son of the one-time villain Beyondverse Armory from the animated series, was a friend of Terry's and was murdered in issue #2. Terry doesn't appear to react in anyway to the discovery.


  • In issue #1 the escaped Grayson Clone, now Hush, was shown to be bald and naked, with scarless skin, after his escape, however in issue #5 a flashback showed him with a full set of hair and disfigured skin.
  • In #1, in the Batcave, only Batman's old suit, Robin's outift and Batgirl's outfit are seen within the display cases, while in previous series' Nightwing's suit was on display, next to a case for the newer suit Terry uses.
  • Terry's mother is shown with black hair in issue #3, compared to previous and later Beyond series showing her with red.