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Batman Forever (Novelization)
Batman Forever Novelization - Peter David
Author Peter David
Publication date June 1995
ISBN 978-0446602174

Batman Forever is a novelization based on the movie of the same name written by Peter David. It follows the general plot of the film, but includes extra chapters not shown in the film - including deleted scenes from the film and completely original chapters exclusive to the book itself.


​Differences from the filmEdit

  • Chase Meridian is introduced differently as she is on a Gotham street when her purse is grabbed by a thug, who is stopped by Dick Grayson. Chase meets him and his father, who scolds him for his recklessness.
  • The Batsignal seen as Edward Nygma shows Bruce his Box prototype at Wayne Enterprises alerts Bruce to the situation at the Second Bank of Gotham involving Two-Face.
  • In the film, when Chase uses the Batsignal to speak to Batman, she mentions noticing Two-Face's coin at the bank the night before, which is impossible as she never saw Two-Face or his coin. In the novel, this exchange between Chase and Batman occurs after the events at the circus, making more sense as she actually sees Two-Face use his coin.
  • After the Riddler and Two-Face invade Wayne Manor and kidnap Chase, Bruce suffers amnesia from his head wound. Alfred suggests that Bruce visit "the cave beneath the Batcave." Bruce finds his father's red book and discovers that his parents planned to go out the night they were murdered, causing Bruce to realize their deaths weren't his fault. Then a human-sized bat flies toward Bruce and stops before him. Bruce lifts his arms to mirror the giant bat's wings. Bruce emerges from the cave remembering his identity as Batman. A scene cut from the film.

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