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The Hunchback of Notre Dame
General Information
Series: Batman Gotham Adventures
Issue Number: 08
First Published: January 1999
Previous Issue: Batman Gotham Adventures #7
Next Issue: Batman Gotham Adventures #9

Batman Gotham Adventures #8: The Hunchback of Notre Dame is the eighth issue of the Batman Gotham Adventures comic book series.


More than the scenery is strange when Batman and Batgirl go to Paris on the trail of the League of Assassins. In the shadow of Notre Dame Cathedral, they clash with a dark and grotesque gargoyle-like creature. Is he friend or foe? Will he be Paris' savior or its destroyer?

Credits Edit

  • Story: Ty Templeton
  • Pencils: Rick Burchett
  • Inks: Terry Beatty
  • Letters: Tim Harkins
  • Colors: Lee Loughridge
  • Editor: Darren Vincenzo



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