...And Oh So Delicious
General Information
Series: Batman Gotham Adventures
Issue Number: 20
First Published: January 2000
Previous Issue: Batman Gotham Adventures #19
Next Issue: Batman Gotham Adventures #21

Batman Gotham Adventures #20: ...And Oh So Delicious is the twentieth issue of the Batman Gotham Adventures comic book series.


A new cereal called "Eden's Own" has taken Gotham City by storm, but there's a serpent hiding behind the all-natural breakfast choice of millions...and her name is Poison Ivy! Now Batman has to find out if there's more going on here than meets the eye - or tongue!

Credits Edit

  • Story: Scott Peterson
  • Pencils:Tim Levins
  • Inks: Terry Beatty
  • Letters: Tim Harkins
  • Colors: Lee Loughridge



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