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World Without Batman
General Information
Series: Batman Gotham Adventures
Issue Number: 33
First Published: February 2001
Previous Issue: Batman Gotham Adventures #32
Next Issue: Batman Gotham Adventures #34

Batman Gotham Adventures #33: World Without Batman is issue thirty-three of the Batman Gotham Adventures comic book series.


Batman begins to doubt whether his actions really make a difference in the world, and the guest-starring Phantom Stranger appears to show him what a world without a Dark Knight would look like - and believe us, it isn't pretty! Batman sees first-hand that his quest has made the lives of his comrades much greater, as one by one they seem to follow the wrong path in the Stranger's vision!

Credits Edit

  • Story: Ed Brubaker
  • Pencils: Brad Rader
  • Inks: John Lowe
  • Letters: Tim Harkins
  • Colors: Lee Loughridge



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