Colder Than Arctic
General Information
Series: Batman Gotham Adventures
Issue Number: 40
First Published: September 2001
Previous Issue: Batman Gotham Adventures #39
Next Issue: Batman Gotham Adventures #41

Batman Gotham Adventures #40: Colder Than Arctic is issue forty of the Batman Gotham Adventures comic book series.


Mr.Freeze is back in Gotham City, and he's looking for a way to bring about a new Ice Age. But he's not working alone this time - there's a mysterious person who has gotten Freeze to implement this latest plan. Batman must figure out what Freeze is looking for, what he's trying to do and who's got the influence over Freeze to push him toward this mad plan. But time is running out.

Credits Edit

  • Story: Scott Peterson
  • Pencils: Tim Levins
  • Inks: Terry Beatty
  • Letters: Tim Harkins
  • Colors: Nathan Eyring



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