"Kill Box"Edit

On a stage, The Leviathan is giving a speech to its organization. Its campaign against Batman Incorporated is reaching a crucial stage. Soon it will have revenge for the loss of its son. Coincident with this, in a locked room in Gotham, Leviathan agents observe the final moments of Matches Malone!

It is around this point that the counter-campaign begins. Using a match, Malone sets off a trail of gunpowder he let behind him on his way in. Desperately attempt to put it out distract them, allowing Malone to break loose and boast that he was holding his breath. As the gunpowder trail explodes, the "Dead Heroes Club", Batman Inc.'s secret strike force, break into the ground floor and begin beating people up.

On the ground, Hood and Gaucho argue wih one another as they draw fire. It looks as though they will be killed by the League of Assassins, but they are rescued by Redbird and Wingman. Redbird realises he knows Wingman from somewhere.

As Batman Inc rescues its leader, Leviathan's second wave, the Ninja Man-Bats, bear down on their location. However, a well-placed agent with a sonic cannon takes care of them, and as Leviathan's ground forces fight back, the rest of Batman Inc make a dynamic entry and carry the day.

In the aftermath, Leviathan argues with Batman over the tannoy. She demands to know the identity of Wingman. Wingman complies by revealing that he is Jason Todd. At this, Redbird breaks down an starts accusing Batman of keeping secrets from him.

Batman drops the bombshell: Talia al Ghul's petty use of her vast terror network has placed them in an impossible position, and for the sake of the world, Damian has to go back to his mother and leave his father behind.


"Kill Box"Edit




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