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"Batwoman's Junior Partner!"
General Information
Series: Batman
Issue Number: 141
First Published: August 1961
Previous Issue: Batman #140
Next Issue: Batman #142


"The Crimes of the Clockmaster!"Edit

Batman and Robin are challenged to a duel of wits by the Clockmaster, a new criminal who leaves clues to his crimes by means of a clock which shows a 3-D display of a new target for a heist every 24 hours.

"The Race of Death!"Edit

Batman and Robin enter a cross-country race to protect one of the drivers from murder.

"Batwoman's Junior Partner!"Edit

Bat-Girl plays a decisive role in the capture of the costumed criminal known as the Moth. But when the Moth breaks jail, Batman and Robin ask Batwoman to curtail Bat-Girl’s crime-fighting activities, fearing their foe will seek vengeance on her.




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