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"Ruler of the Bewitched Valley!"
General Information
Series: Batman
Issue Number: 142
First Published: September 1961
Previous Issue: Batman #141
Next Issue: Batman #143


"Batman's Robot-Guardian!"Edit

Batman and Robin are given a robot-guardian from their old friend Tal-Dar of the Interplanetary Space Police, which prevents them from risking their lives to catch crooks.

"The Crimes of the Ancient Mariner!"Edit

Batman and Robin go after a crook who appears to be an old sailor out for revenge on the firm that pensioned him off because of his age.

"Ruler of the Bewitched Valley!"Edit

In a remote Central American valley, Batman and Robin trace a vanished detective and encounter the wrath of Tezcatlipoca, who appears to be an incarnation of the Mayan god of destruction.




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