"Bat-Hound and the Creature!"
General Information
Series: Batman
Issue Number: 143
First Published: September 1961
Previous Issue: Batman #142
Next Issue: Batman #144


"The Twice-Told Tale of Batman and Robin!"Edit

After Batman and Robin capture Nitro Joe and his gang, Dick Grayson fantasizes about how a storyteller from the 34th Century might retell their adventure to an audience of children.

"The Blind Batman!"Edit

Batman and Robin duel a new foe, Dr. Pneumo, whose air gun blasts Batman off his feet, making him strike his head and causing temporary blindness.

"Bat-Hound and the Creature!"Edit

While Batman and Robin are battling the Lippy Yates gang, Bat-Hound discovers an alien creature landed on Earth and in need of help.




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