"Bat-Mite Meets Bat-Girl!"
General Information
Series: Batman
Issue Number: 144
First Published: December 1961
Previous Issue: Batman #143
Next Issue: Batman #145


"The Alien Feud on Earth!"Edit

Batman and Robin find themselves in the midst of a duel between two aliens over a female of their race.

"The Man Who Played Batman!"Edit

The Joker recruits new members for his gang by dressing up as Batman and trying to capture them while they pull mock crimes in a model of Gotham City.

"Bat-Mite Meets Bat-Girl!"Edit

Robin and Bat-Girl are assigned to patrol Gotham in the absence of Batman and Batwoman, who are testifying before a Washington, D.C. subcommittee. When Bat-Girl’s crush on Robin goes unrequited, Bat-Mite appears and proposes to use his powers to make Robin fall in love with her.




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