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"The Strange Experiment of Doctor Dorn!"
General Information
Series: Batman
Issue Number: 154
First Published: March 1963
Previous Issue: Batman #153
Next Issue: Batman #155


"Danger Strikes Four!"Edit

Batman and Robin read Alfred’s latest Batman II and Robin II story, in which the future Dynamic Duo battle a renegade scientist and his robot. The story gives them an idea of how to deal with a real-life threat to Gotham City.

"The Amazing Odyssey of Batman and Robin!"Edit

Batman and Robin are swept away in the Bat-Boat by an underwater volcano eruption and are captured on an island controlled by a criminal magician.

"The Strange Experiment of Doctor Dorn!"Edit

Batman and Robin battle a huge, green humanoid monster who claims to be the creation of a Dr. Dorn, but who is in reality a transformed Dr. Dorn himself.





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