"Death Knocks Three Times!"
General Information
Series: Batman
Issue Number: 180
First Published: May 1966
Previous Issue: Batman #179
Next Issue: Batman #181


"Death Knocks Three Times!"Edit

While battling a new villain named Death-Man, Batman and Robin easily capture the masked criminal who vows that he will escape Batman to a place where he will never be caught. While getting processed in court, Death-Man suddenly dies, and is soon buried.

However, Death-Man manages to come back to life to rob again, and Batman is frustrated by being unable to capture Death-Man because of his sudden deaths and haunted by the Death-Man's taunts in his dreams. However, as Bruce Wayne, Batman views a Yogi who could be buried alive. Figuring out Death-Man's gimmick, he and Robin rush to the crook's tomb stone.

Finding that Death-Man has been dug out of his grave, they get into a battle. During the fight, as a final irony, Death-Man is struck by a bolt of lightening and is killed instantly.


"Death Knocks Three Times!"Edit



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