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"The Eraser Who Tried to Rub Out Batman!"
General Information
Series: Batman
Issue Number: 188
First Published: December 1966
Previous Issue: Batman #187
Next Issue: Batman #189


"The Eraser Who Tried to Rub Out Batman!"Edit

Batman and Robin go up against a crook named the Eraser, who offers criminals a special service in which he erases all evidence from a crime scene so that crooks can get off scott free. While posing as a common thief, Batman learns that the Eraser is really an old collage classmate named Lenny Fiasco, who decided to turn to a life of crime after becoming a laughing stock in high school and was jilted Cecilia Smith, a girl who ended up being the ice queen to Bruce Wayne's ice king during a winter carnival.

Escaping the Erasers trap, Bruce switches to his guise of Batman, and with Robin manages to defeat the Eraser and his gang and turn them over to the police. In jail, Lenny learns that crime does not pay.

"The Ten Best-Dressed Corpses in Gotham City"Edit

Batman and Robin asked to aid the Gotham police in solving a mystery where it appears that the subjects of a recent magazine article rating the top ten best dressed wealthy men in Gotham City are all being targeted for murder. Being on the list himself (as Bruce Wayne) and narrowly escaping a death trap himself, Batman and Robin go on the case to solve the mystery. After a daring mystery, they learn that the killer was magazine writer Matt Winston who was using the list as a cover up to murder a popular author on the list who became privy to the fact that during the war, Winston was captured by the enemy and betrayed his country in order to save his own life.


"The Eraser Who Tried to Rub Out Batman!"Edit



"The Ten Best-Dressed Corpses in Gotham City!"Edit



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