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"Gateway to Death!"
General Information
Series: Batman
Issue Number: 202
First Published: June 1968
Previous Issue: Batman #201
Next Issue: Batman #203


"Gateway to Death!"Edit

Batman and Robin, on patrol, find a downed officer beside a broken diamond emporium store window. The officer, revived, tells them that a load of bricks simply levitated themselves to smash down the store window, and he was struck down by an unseen force. Batman and Robin see that the safe has been cleaned out. Batman says that the "Psychic Plunderer", who has earlier pulled off a bank robbery with a levitated gun and a disembodied voice, has struck again. When Batman and Robin relate their caper to Alfred in the Batcave, he suffers a mental shock while trying to tell them their opponent's name, and can only gasp out "Eternal gate" before collapsing. After putting Alfred in a doctor's care, the two heroes go to the Eternal Gate cemetery. Following footprints into a mausoleum, they confront three crooks, who battle them with paralyzing sound-screeches, psychokinetic powers, and a vial of perception-slowing gas. Batman and Robin nevertheless manage to defeat their foes, and then head back to the Wayne mansion. A recovering Alfred tells them that, in the English music halls where he once was an entertainer, there was a "mind-over-matter" magician called the Great Norman who could mentally hurl objects across the stage. Alfred admits he never learned how Norman did it, though he suspected trickery. Norman once saved Alfred's life during World War II, and only days ago, Alfred saw Norman again while visiting his father Jarvis's grave at Eternal Gate Cemetery. The conflict of his loyalty to Norman and his wish to see him captured caused Alfred's breakdown, but he says that a stay in prison may mend Norman's criminal ways.

"Menace of the Motorcycle Marauders!"Edit

Dick Grayson, on his way to give his election speech for the presidence of the junior class at his high school, comes across a motorcycle gang called The Hornets. Their leader, Tommy the Tramp, has been expelled from school by Mr. Wagner, the principal, and Tommy is gaining revenge by trashing Wagner's car. Dick becomes Robin and battles the gang, but is clouted from behind. Jimbo, another hood, comes for Robin, but is flipped over and out. The other Hornets are driven away by approaching police sirens. Robin appropriates Jimbo's cycle, disguises himself as Jimbo, and tracks down the Hornets' hideout through detective work. Once inside, he rips off his Hornet colors and takes out the startled bikers. But by the time he is through, the school election is over and Dick Grayson has lost. Bruce and Alfred console the brave youth, but Dick turns away, hiding tears of disappointment.


"Batman's Gangland Guardians!"Edit



"Menace of the Motorcycle Marauders!"Edit




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