"Baffling Deaths of the Crime-Czar!"Edit

The aging Mr. Big of the Gotham underworld, Li'l Studs, is being given a "welcome home" banquet by gangsters following a stay in the hospital. Quirk, one of Studs's competitors, has hired three hitmen to rub him out: a crack pistol shot named the Silencer, a poison-dart hurler called the Dart, and Big Jolt, a specialist in electrocution. Bruce Wayne and Dick Grayson are posing as waiters to avert such a hit-attempt, and thus stave off a gang-war amongst the other mob chiefs for Studs's place. Studs indeed dies, but none of the mobsters can agree as to how he was killed, since all three of the assassins struck at the same time. With help from Dr. Jennings, a doctor who treated Li'l Studs, Batman discovers the truth: Studs died of a heart attack before any of the assassins could kill him. Quirk learns the truth on a TV news broadcast and refuses to pay Silencer, Big Jolt, or Dart. The angry hitmen decide to take out a contract on Batman. Big Jolt, knowing Batman will come to Quirk's house to apprehend him, wires Quirk's doormat to electrocute him. But when Batman steps on the mat, he throws himself backwards, breaking the connection and dodging the bullet and dart of the other two assassins. Batman, who wore insulated shoes, joins Robin to kayo the three hitmen, and stops Quirk from stepping on his own doormat since he wants him to stand trial for attempted murder.


"Baffling Deaths of the Crime-Czar!"Edit