"Batman's Marriage Trap!"Edit

While Batman is otherwise occupied with his involvement in a televised beauty pageant where the winner gets a night on the town with Batman, the criminal known as Strack and his thugs rob different locations in the city. The next day when he realizes that he can use Batman's eligible bachelor status against him he gets his girlfriend, Cleo to back a campaign called "Women To End BATchelorhood" (W.E.B.) who would target Batman with a series of protests for single men to get married, Batman in particular. As the movement begins to gain popularity among single women, Barbara Gordon gets suspicious of the group and joins it in her Batgirl identity.

As the women follow Batman all over the city, Cleo would arrive at just the right time to throw off the women and boast about how weak men are. This lack of interest in Batman makes Bruce fall for Cleo, all the while Strack and his goons manage to pull off various heists.

When following a car jacking which leads to a trap, Batman and Robin soon find themselves out matched by the would be car thieves who are about to shoot them. Cleo arrives and attempts to save them - because she believed that Batman was not to be killed -- and the whole plot is revealed, Cleo tells Batman everything while they're at gun point. They're saved at the last minute by Batgirl, who later joins Batman in rounding up Strack and the rest of his gang. After the crooks were sent off the jail, our heroes are relieved to notice that the crusade to get Batman married folded up shortly after Cleo's arrest.


"Batman's Marriage Trap!"Edit