"Wanted for Murder-One, the Batman!"
General Information
Series: Batman
Issue Number: 225
First Published: September 1970
Previous Issue: Batman #224
Next Issue: Batman #226


"Wanted for Murder-One, the Batman!"Edit

A talk-show host who insulted Commissioner Gordon and the Batman on his show is found dead, and all clues seem to point to the Batman as the culprit.

"Shutdown on York Street!"Edit

Alex Saddows, son of Mystery Analyst Art Saddows, accidentally kills a drag-racing rival in what looks like a revenge strike, and the Batman gets on the case to find Alex and discover the truth behind the incident.



  • Batman
  • James Gordon
  • Alex Saddows (Only appearance)
  • Anderson P. Forsythe (Only appearance)
  • Art Saddows
  • Chris Pike (Only appearance)
  • Jack Donaldson (Only appearance)
  • Jonah Jory (Only appearance)
  • Piper (Only appearance)
  • Sy Semple (Only appearance)


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