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"Asylum of the Futurians!"
General Information
Series: Batman
Issue Number: 229
First Published: February 1971
Previous Issue: Batman #228
Next Issue: Batman #230


"Asylum of the Futurians!"Edit

Batman is called upon by a woman to save her husband from a gathering of six “Futurians”, a cabal of ESPers who intend to rule the Earth and who believe that Batman may be a potential seventh Futurian.

"Temperature Boiling... and Rising!"Edit

Robin investigates the smear campaign against candidate Buck Stuart and finds the trail leading to a student worker in Stuart’s campaign.


"Asylum of the Futurians!"Edit


  • Batman
  • Futurians
  • Laura Grey (Only appearance)
  • Stephen Grey (Only appearance)


"Temperature Boiling... and Rising!"Edit


  • Robin
  • Lois Lane (Cameo)
  • Bill Perkins (Only appearance)
  • Buck Stuart (Only appearance)
  • Hank Osher (First Appearance)
  • Phil Real

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