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"Death-Knell for a Traitor!"
General Information
Series: Batman
Issue Number: 248
First Published: March 1973
Previous Issue: Batman #247
Next Issue: Batman #249


"Death-Knell for a Traitor!"Edit

Batman battles Colonel Sulphur and an ex-Navy man who turned traitor during World War II to gain a fabulous diamond from the Japanese, which he now seeks to recover.

"The Immortals of Usen Castle!"Edit

Robin takes a group of kids on a field trip to an old castle in which armor seems to move by itself and several of their number are kidnapped.


"Death-Knell for a Traitor!"Edit



"The Immortals of Usen Castle!"Edit

  • Robin
  • Samuel Usen (Only appearance)
  • Stanley Usen (Only appearance)
  • Sara Usen (Only appearance)
  • Tommy Duffy
  • Benton Friss (Only appearance)

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