"The Curious Case of the Catwoman's Coincidences!"Edit

Bruce Wayne is traveling on board a train transporting prisoners from Gotham State Penitentiary. One of the prisoners is Selina Kyle, the amnesiac known as the Catwoman. A runaway tractor derails the train and the prisoners escape. Bruce changes to Batman and stops several of the crooks, but Selina escapes.

Her memory eventually returns to her and she links back up with her old mob. Bruce Wayne disguises himself as wealthy heiress Bertha Carrington-Bridgewater and checks in to the Gotham Plaza Hotel. He lets the word go out that Bertha is carrying a wealth of jewelry knowing that such knowledge would draw the Catwoman back out of hiding.

Catwoman sends her goons out to rob Bertha's valuables, but Batman eventually stops them. He finds Catwoman's pet Siamese, Hecate. Knowing that Hecate is trained to return to his master, Batman follows him back to Catwoman's lair. Catwoman tries to snare Batman in her whip, but Batman captures her.


"The Curious Case of the Catwoman's Coincidences!"Edit