"The Underworld Olympics '76!"Edit

The members of the Underworld Crime Olympics '76 convene in Gotham City for a competition of crime-making. Like the real Olympics, the teams which compete come from all over the globe, divided into South American, North American, European, and Afro-Asian teams, and try to rack up points by completing an assigned crime. The first ones up are the South American team, who have to murder J. P. Vandermeer, chosen at random from the Gotham phone book, and make it look like an accident. But Bruce Wayne is attending a party which Vandermeer is called from. His suspicions aroused, Bruce changes to his Batman garb and follows Vandermeer's car, which is wrecked shortly afterwards, killing Vandermeer. Batman deduces that a second vehicle rammed him. He locates the second car and battles the South American crime team driving it, capturing two of them. Batman soon finds that Vandermeer's body has been stolen from the morgue, but not before a transistorized bug was found on it. He uses the bug's impulses to track down the rest of the South Americans as they are attempting to bury Vandermeer within a stone monument, and captures them. At Underworld Olympics headquarters, the South American team is awarded 20 points out of a possible 100. At police headquarters, Batman and Commissioner Gordon puzzle over why Vandermeer's body was not stolen when the car was wrecked, and why the whole gang of crooks seems to be from South America.


"The Underworld Olympics '76!"Edit