"Gotham City Treasure Hunt!"Edit

The Afro-Asian block of Underworld Olympians, led by Amba Kadiri, a female thief from India, is assigned a treasure hunt. A rhymed clue leads two of their members to the Gotham Central Library, where they gain a second clue by burning the seal from a book cover. But their break-in has sounded an alarm, and Batman arrives to capture them. As they are led out, a TV camera crew tapes them, and the Algerian member of the team uses Cameroon hand-talk to communicate the second clue to his teammates who are watching on TV. Batman is also able to decipher the clue, but Amba Kadiri places herself in his path, battles him with steel claw-tipped fingernails, and allows herself to be captured so that the rest of her team may proceed. The third and last clue refers to an "idol of a nation,"a dn mentions that the treasure found there "only shines at night." By this time Batman has fathomed that the Afro-Asians are on a treasure hunt, and the object of that hunt he also understands, as do the crooks. Their goal is a movie marquee banner at a theater featuring "The Treasure of the Sierra Madre" at a Humphrey Bogart festival. Two of the remaining three Afro-Asians die by accident while fighting Batman, and Batman manages to capture the third. The Underworld Olympics leader tallies up 36 2/3 points for the Afro-Asians. Batman and Commissioner Gordon, who have finally realized that an Underworld Olympics is taking place, deduce that the North American team will be the next to be heard from.


"Gotham City Treasure Hunt!"Edit