"Riddler on the Rampage!"Edit

The Riddler breaks jail, leaving a message for Batman in his bunk. His new tactic, he vows, will be to inundate Batman in riddles. In this way he hopes to overload the hero's brain and make Batman unable to effectively oppose him. But Dick Grayson is down from college to do research, and lends a hand as Robin. Batman and his partner battle two members of the Riddler's gang disguised as the Riddler himself in a clock museum. But one of the Riddler's gimmicks draws them elsewhere so that his men can escape. Another clue leads them to a yacht club party, where they stop the Riddler from stealing a valuable ship model. The Riddler escapes, but the pair catch up to him at the Egyptian pavilion of the Gotham Art Museum, where he is trying to steal a solid gold model of the Sphinx. Robin remarks that the Sphinx, one of the world's greatest riddles, seems quite appropriate for the caper.


"Riddler on the Rampage!"Edit