"Murder Comes in Black Boxes!"Edit

Three secret agents--Aldo Fondi of Italy, Jorge Zamora of Panama, and Nkuma Senghor of Burundi, all strangers to each other--meet on a Gotham City street corner and are all killed when a car hits them. The car proves to be stolen and the driver is not found. But all were known to Batman through Interpol, and he judges it a "murder--by appointment!" From a recording device on a walkie-talkie, Batman gets the agents' last messages, all of which were attempts to contact Batman. A woman, Pamela Drew, claiming to be a stewardess and the fiance of Fondi, at first accuses Batman to be responsible for her intended husband's death. But Batman saves her from assassins twice, and she confides in him, giving him Fondi's address book. Batman has Gordon place her in protective custody. Then he pilots a custom jet to an address in Budapest where, in disguise, he meets the underground resistance cell at that location. Janos, the cell leader, tells Batman that Fondi was in Budapest some months ago, when they were all involved in helping nuclear physicist Dr. Lucas Nagy to attempt to defect. But Nagy, he says, was seized just short of the border, and not by the government. Fondi, a day before his murder, was told who had snatched him. Suddenly, the meeting is interrupted. Though Batman gets his friends to safety, he soon finds himself facing the guns of the Hungarian Special Police.


"Murder Comes in Black Boxes!"Edit


  • Batman
  • James Gordon
  • Aldo Fondi (First Appearance)
  • Jorge Zamora (Only appearance)
  • Nkuma Serghor (First Appearance)
  • Pamela Drew (First Appearance)