"Four Doorways to Danger!"Edit

Batman defeats the Special Police Unit in battle, impersonates their major, and, after bidding the freedom fighters goodbye, bluffs his way back onto his plane and heads out. His next stop is Burundi, where he contacts Col. Kafi in the Bureau of Intelligence. There he learns that Nkuma Senghor had spoken of an abandoned church in the north country, used by white men for an unknown purpose. Batman lands in the vicinity, disguises himself as a mapmaking monk, and learns from one Pastor Goodwin of the church's location, near a spot where white men are mining "shining black earth." Unknown to Batman, the pastor is secretly an agent of Omega, the conspiracy he is fighting, and the hero is kayoed by mercenaries and dumped in the church. Awakening, Batman finds speciments of the "shining black earth" nearby—pitchblende, from which uranium is derived. Batman changes into his costume and battles his way out, discovering and destroying an apparatus for making a nuclear bomb. He learns from Goodwin that Dr. Lucas Nagy had been at the church, but that he and others sailed away on the ship Miramar. After Batman departs, Goodwin contacts Omega, one of whose members is Pamela Drew, and tells them what has taken place. Aboard his skyborne jet, Batman radios Commissioner Gordon and learns that the Miramar recently sailed to Panama. As he changes course to go to that country, he is surprised by two terrorists hidden within his plane, one of whom shoots him twice in the head.


"Four Doorways to Danger!"Edit


  • Batman
  • James Gordon
  • Aldo Fondi (In Flashback Only)
  • Jorge Zamora (In Flashback Only)
  • Nkuma Serghor (In Flashback Only)
  • Pamela Drew
  • Colonel Kafi (Only appearance)
  • Pastor Goodwin (Only appearance)