"Omega Bomb Target: Gotham City!"Edit

Batman's life is saved by the magnesium crash-helmet he is wearing under his cowl. He knocks out the terrorists and dumps them out with open parachutes over Angola. Then he returns to Gotham, where he is greeted by Commissioner Gordon, the mayor, and a team of scientists. Omega has just delivered an ultimatum: provide a billion dollars in gold to a radio-controlled plane at midnight, or a 20-megaton bomb in the Miramar, anchored in Gotham Harbor, will go off. The scientists admit that Dr. Lucas Nagy, in Omega's hands, could design such a bomb. Batman seeks out Pamela Drew, discovers her treachery, and captures her, her Omega cell, and Dr. Nagy who is in a semi-catatonic state. The scientist mutters "nembomba" to Batman. Having heard this, Batman boards the Miramar, defeats the rest of Omega, and takes them in. Later, he tells Gordon and the others that Omega never had a bomb. "Nembomba" is Hungarian for "no bomb", and signified that Dr. Nagy had refused to design a bomb for them. But Omega was almost able to pull off their bluff without it. Later, when the radio-plane lands, the mayor declares it will be sold at auction.


"Omega Bomb Target: Gotham City!"Edit