"The Little Men's Hall of Fame!"Edit

The Penguin and his gang make a raid on Royce chemicals' plant in honor of Charles Steinmetz, since the chemical plant is located at Watt Street. Batman combats them and is about to overcome the criminal crew when Chester Cole, who is looking for Bruce Wayne and has been cued by a doodled "RC", appears, interrupts Batman, and causes his defeat. The hero awakens with Cole in the bottom of an empty chemical tank, into which the Penguin looses robot vultures. Batman destroys the mechanical birds, then uses their wings and flight motors to fly Cole and himself to the top of the tank. Batman next encounters the Penguin at Apex Storage, whose location, Chalons Road, fits in with the next "little man", Attila the Hun, whose greatest battle was at Chalons. Batman captures the crooks and recovers hidden stolen bonds in the process. Later, Chester Cole tells Bruce he had misinterpreted the "RC" squiggle. Wayne's real "RC" was Renee Cantrell, whom he treats to a night on the town. Meanwhile, the Penguin has a new roommate in jail--his own marble statue.


"The Little Men's Hall of Fame!"Edit