"The Testimony of Lex Luthor!"Edit

The court of Ra's al Ghul reconvenes and hears the testimony of Lex Luthor, who says he killed Batman as a by-product of killing Superman. He relates how he put in orbit a satellite of his own creation, manipulated Batman and Superman into standing at just the right spots, and hit each with maser beams from the satellite. The beams wiped out Batman's mind and transferred Superman's mind into Batman's body. Afterward, Luthor stepped in and killed Superman in Batman's body. His next step, he assures them, is to transfer his own mind into Superman's body and become ruler of the universe. "Two-Face" proceeds to ruin Luthor's testimony. Luthor, he says, was telling the truth as far as he knew it. But he reveals that Batman, disguised as one of Luthor's gang, learned the details of the plan. Superman himself crashes into the courtroom, announcing that he has granted amnesty to the criminals assembled there so that he may testify. The Man of Steel says that he shielded himself from the maser beams, substituted for Batman in a spare costume, and pretended to be killed by Luthor. Superman informs them that for Luthor, his amnesty leaves once he walks out the door--and Superman will be waiting for him. Luthor, before he leaves, angrily demands that "Two-Face" reveal his source of information. "Two-Face" replies that he cannot do so if the trial is to proceed. Ra's al Ghul rules in his favor, "Two-Face" promising to tell all at a later date. The court adjourns, to hear the Joker's testimony when it reconvenes.


"The Testimony of Lex Luthor!"Edit