"The Only Man Batman Ever Killed!"Edit

For some time, Gotham has been plagued by the rumor of an "overlord" of crime-bosses in town, whose life is guarded by a secret troop of "wire-heads." The "wire-heads" have platinum ankh-symbols secretly placed at the base of their skulls, unknown to themselves, which will program them to kill anyone remotely connected with the demise of the "overlord," should he die an unnatural death.

The rumor is revealed as fact after a man named Judson Phillips is cut down by gunfire when Batman stops a gang of crooks from stealing charity money at an auction. During an autopsy, a platinum ankh is found at the base of Phillips's skull. Batman and Commissioner Gordon concoct a plan to expose a suspected mob connection in the police when they hear of this.

Batman, disguised as the mystic Akeldema, claims to be able to kill by thought-impulses, after seeing the image of a victim's face. He demonstrates this "talent" before Gordon and his men, "killing" undercover police officers, and builds up his reputation.

Soon, criminals in the pay of underboss Luke Brant bring "Akeldema" a picture of Malcolm Millbrook, a rich realtor and the secret Gotham crime overlord, and "force" him to do his stuff. Batman defeats the gang and goes to Millbrook's townhouse, preceded by Brant, who is astonished to find Millbrook alive.

Batman is unable to stop Brant from killing Millbrook, but he takes Brant's gun and punches him out afterward. Mrs. Millbrook enters, sees her slain husband, Batman, and Brant, and accuses Batman of having allowed Brant to kill Millbrook. Batman corrects her: he says that he himself shot Millbrook to death.


"The Only Man Batman Ever Killed!"Edit