"The Attack of the Wire-Head Killers!"Edit

Batman, having "revealed" that he is the murderer of Malcolm Millbrook and thus sparing Gotham from a gang war, has become the target of Millbrook's "wire-head killers" and has been charged with homicide by the police.

Bruce Wayne declines Dick Grayson's offer of help and visits Gordon later in secret as Batman. He reveals that Gordon's chauffeur was the secret police / mob connection, since only the chauffeur knew where Akeldema would be so that he could tip off Brant's hoods. Batman vows to continue normal patrol to give the wire-heads time to strike at him.

Soon, Batman is beset by a circus strongman (who dies of overstrain in the battle), an acrobatic team, and a "human dynamo." After apprehending the ones who survive, Batman pays a visit to Mrs. Judson Price. She tells him that her late husband, who was the first detected "wire-head", had invited carnival performers to entertain guests at a large party. There was also a disturbance at 3 A.M. that night which Price had investigated. He returned and said that nothing had happened.

Batman, obtaining a list and some photos of the performers, reasons that Millbrook had performed wire-head surgery on the carny performers that night, and gave Price the same treatment when he found them out. After initiating a police dragnet for the remaining circus performers, Batman changes to Bruce Wayne and keeps a disco date with a girl named Melanie. However, a magician, a fire-breather, and a female knife-thrower instinctively recognize Bruce Wayne as the Batman and try to kill him.

Wayne becomes Batman and, with the help of a vigilant Robin, captures the threesome. Batman is cleared of the murder rap soon afterward.


"The Attack of the Wire-Head Killers!"Edit