"There'll Be a Cold Time in the Old Town Tonight!"Edit

Bruce Wayne meets with a reformed Selina Kyle, the Catwoman, who wants to invest money in Wayne Enterprises, and with Lucius Fox's daughter Tiffany, who runs Wayne Enterprises' ghetto drug-rehabilitation program. Then, as Batman, he answers a bat-signal summons and is shown the frozen body of financier Jacob Riker, iced for betraying Mr. Freeze. At the same time, another millionaire, John McVee, undergoes one of Mr. Freeze's cryogenic treatments, hoping to have his body temperature lowered, his aging processes slowed, and his lifespan greatly increased. But, as with his other subjects, Freeze finds the treatment does not quite work. McVee's body survives, but his brain cells remain frozen. He has become a living zombie, and is added to Freeze's servile "Cold Pack." Freeze promises his girlfriend Hildy that, once the process is perfected, she will receive the treatment. She secretly plans to kill him after he does so.

Batman tracks down Freeze in his headquarters, but is overcome by the Cold Pack and given the freeze-treatment. However, he has ripped out enough power cables beforehand to ensure that he does not get the full-power treatment, and emerges unscathed. Batman shatters Freeze's command-helmet and knocks him down, severing the regulating cable of his cold-gun in the process. Hildy grabs the gun and fires at them, but the weapon backfires and she is encased in solid ice.

Elsewhere, S.T.A.R. scientists bury the Blockbuster, thinking they have killed him with a radiation treatment intended to normalize him. But after they leave, huge hands break the surface of the grave.


"There'll Be a Cold Time in the Old Town Tonight!"Edit