"Two for the Money!"Edit

Specs, who stole the binary defense code for Two-Face, calls the police to try to reveal its hiding place after discovering that Two-Face has offered to sell it to the Soviets. But Two-Face cuts off the call, flips his coin, sees the bad side has come up, and has his men shoot Specs dead with a shot to his heart and a shot to his head. Bruce Wayne, after squiring Selina Kyle to the Second Annual Children's Telethon (where he makes a donation) and then to dinner, is summoned as Batman by Commissioner Gordon to help investigate Specs's murder. Batman pegs it as Two-Face's work and finds his foe and his two-man gang lodged, logically enough, at Apartment 2-B, 222 Second Street. He plows into the gang, but is interrupted by the arrival of government agent King Faraday, who tries to arrest everyone. Two-Face uses the opportunity to escape. Faraday warns Batman that he is prepared to kill Two-Face and advises him to stay out of the case. But Batman says that he owes it to Harvey Dent's memory to try and return him safely to Arkham Asylum, and Faraday grudgingly accepts Batman's presence. Two-Face, Batman, and Faraday all deduce that Specs had hidden the code in an envelope inside the huge piggy bank at the Second Children's Telethon. Two-Face steals the code envelope and gets away, as Batman prevents Faraday from shooting the villain. The two argue again over tactics. Faraday still vows to kill Two-Face if necessary, and Batman comes along to make sure he does not.


"Two for the Money!"Edit