"Danger on the Wing!"Edit

Batman captures a gang of crooks in Gotham City Hall, but not before one of them makes a kite of some blueprints and flies it to the waiting Kite-Man. Lucius Fox is contacted by Karlyle Krugerrand, right-hand man to the powerful Gregorian Falstaff, who wishes to make a deal with Fox. Fox returns to work to find Bruce Wayne in conference with City Commissioner Arthur Reeves and others, discussing the decision of Trans-Atlantic Airways to leave Gotham. The decision, which is final, will cost many Gothamites their jobs, and is the doing of majority stockholder Falstaff. Fox keeps his counsel to himself. Later, Bruce Wayne finds Selina Kyle less than happy with his earlier decision to have a security check run on her. At noon, three kites explode in a fireworks display, enabling Kite-Man's gang to enter the Trans-Atlantic building disguised as workmen. When a helicopter carrying the final payroll of the airline lands on the building that night, several box-kites on the roof spray the guards with knockout gas and the gang and Kite-Man emerge to snatch the payroll. But Batman has deduced Kite-Man's plan, and uses his own bat-glider to crash into Kite-Man's escape kite, landing them both safely in the street with a parachute. He then delivers Kite-Man to Commissioner Gordon and the police.


"Danger on the Wing!"Edit