"Color Me Deadly!"Edit

Crazy-Quilt, having finally been released from prison, has learned a brutal truth: his sight, only useful at recognizing bright, vivid colors, will fade away permanently in a matter of months. Accordingly, he breaks into Gotham's S.T.A.R. labs, dazzling the scientists with a light display and blinding Batman and Robin with the rays from his color-helmet while he steals a laser-focusing element. Then he kidnaps Dr. Norman Dexter, a surgeon who has pioneered revolutionary techniques of optic surgery, and forces him to operate on his eyes at gunpoint, using only a local anesthetic. Crazy-Quilt had earlier hired a firebug to torch the tenth floor of the hospital, ensuring it would be deserted for his operation. But Batman and Robin realize Crazy-Quilt's plan after learning of Dexter's abduction, and fight their way to the top of the hospital past Crazy-Quilt's defensive devices. The operation is finished when they arrive, and Crazy-Quilt dons his helmet to fire brilliant color-rays at them. Robin reflects the rays back into Crazy-Quilt's eyes with a polished instrument tray. The impact proves too much for his over-sensitized optic nerves. Crazy-Quilt has been rendered totally blind.


"Color Me Deadly!"Edit