"The 1,001 Clue Caper" or "Why Did the Riddler Cross the Road!"Edit

Batman and Robin, visiting Commissioner Gordon, are handed a book by Sgt. Harvey Hainer. The book is a volume of 1,001 riddles autographed by the Riddler, who is presently hijacking a poultry truck. Noting that the book came from the Gotham State Prison Library, Batman and Robin learn from the warden that convict Jake Hammer was wounded while trying to escape with the Riddler. Though Hammer is semi-conscious, Robin gets him to mutter the riddle-clue, "What's black and white and red all over? Answer is a killer!" At about the same time, the Riddler takes a garbage truck, loads it with the stolen chickens, looses the birds at the dock workers of a magazine distributor's warehouse, and loads the truck with a skid of magazines. After making up with Selina Kyle for having her investigated, Bruce Wayne becomes Batman again and consults with Robin. Robin tells Batman that the magazines the Riddler stole were intended for foreign distribution. The police, drawn by gunfire to the warehouse, found that it was a front for gun-runners. Batman, noting that Jake Hammer was convicted of gun-running, figures out the Riddler's latest scheme. The two heroes go to Gotham Harbor, where the Riddler is loading guns concealed in the magazines aboard a ship to receive payment from a foreign agent. They stop the operation and capture the Riddler and the gun-runners. Meanwhile, Lucius Fox keeps a date to meet with Bruce Wayne's financial rival, the gluttonous Gregorian Falstaff.


"The 1,001 Clue Caper" or "Why Did the Riddler Cross the Road!"Edit