"The Cat Who Would Be King!"Edit

Catman activates a mechanism that begins pulling the cables to and fro, threatening to tear Batman and Catwoman limb from limb, and departs. Batman cuts through his clothing and rescues himself and Catwoman, finding a bit of Cat-Man's boot heel left behind. From analysis, he learns it comes from the Ionian Islands near Greece. Catwoman insists on accompanying him, since the Egyptian herbs will have to be administered at once to save her life. He agrees, and they take off in the Batplane.

In Greece, Catman is presenting the urns and statuary to Andros Akropolis, a shipping magnate and Egyptian artifact collector who owns the Ionian islands. The loot is hidden in a geyser which erupts at timed intervals, Catman hoping to be awarded the island they stand on so that he may make it a hideout for wanted crooks. Batman and Catwoman, having learned of Catman's whereabouts through an informant, arrive and fight off Arkopolous and his men. The magnate shoots Catman six times, but the mystic cloth in his costume saves his life. Akropolous leaves, telling Batman he was only trying to recover the artifacts for the United States and that he will return in an hour with an army to see whether or not they are still trespassing on his island.

Catman grabs Catwoman and threatens to cut her throat unless Batman gives him the boat they used to come to the island. Catwoman fights back and inadvertently pushes him to the mouth of the geyser. Still holding the urns, Cat-Man is engulfed in the steaming waters. Catwoman holds part of his cape in her hand. When the steam clears, both Cat-Man and the urns are gone. Catwoman, in pain, faints. Back in Gotham City some hours later, Dr. Dundee examines Catwoman and informs Bruce Wayne that her disease is in remission. Selina informs Bruce that she owes her life to the magical "nine-lives" property of the Cat-Man's cape. Bruce scoffs, but wonders if it could be true.


"The Cat Who Would Be King!"Edit