"Death -- Twenty Stories High!"Edit

Batman is summoned to the roof of police headquarters by Commissioner Gordon to receive a death threat sent through the mails to him, which almost comes true when a sniper shoots at him. Batman avoids the shot and captures the would-be assassin, who says he has been hired by the Candyman, Sweet Lou Milligan. The next morning, Batman has to save Gordon and his rival for the post of police commissioner, Robert Brand, from being killed by two gunmen. He later contacts Lou Milligan himself and finds that the contract on him was financed by Bob Brand. But when he goes to Brand's office, Batman finds Brand's corpse seated in his chair. Tom Hamilton, Brand's campaign manager, enters with a gun trained on Batman, and confesses he is behind Gotham's recent crime wave which recently discredited Gordon. He hoped to be able to control the city through Brand, but the candidate proved too honest, and Hamilton had to kill him. Batman disarms Hamilton, who trips over Brand's outstretched legs, falls out of a window, and dies. Batman has to duck gunfire coming through the window and, shortly afterwards, saves Gordon from being blown to bits by a bomb placed in the Bat-Signal. A week later, Gordon is once again elected police commissioner.


"Death -- Twenty Stories High!"Edit