"This Way Lies Madness!"Edit

Selina Kyle leaves Gotham City in order to sort things out, telling Bruce Wayne she is disappointed with him for not trusting her when Catman framed her for the museum robbery. Later, Batman encounters a motorcycle-riding hood who proves to be "Mad Dog" Markham, a crook he once sent to Arkham Asylum, and does not manage to capture him. Batman consults with Commissioner Gordon and learns that a recent robbery was apparently committed by "Kid Gloves" McConnell, who is also supposed to be incarcerated at Arkham, A call to the asylum confirms (or seems to) that Markham is still in custody. Not satisfied, Batman disguises himself as Shank Taylor, a paranoid hood who is transferred from Gotham's maximum security prison to Arkham. In the asylum, he is taken to meet the director, who has his guards inject the raving "Taylor" with a sedative. As he is being led out, Batman asks why he is being treated this way. The "director", Professor Milo, replies that it is for his own good.


"This Way Lies Madness!"Edit