Lucius Fox is attacked and beaten by the gang of street punks his son is a member of, led by Ronald Watkins. Bruce, seeing him in the hospital, is asked to "help Timmy." Meanwhile, Caroline Crown has stolen some of Bruce Wayne's business papers for Gregorian Falstaff, and Arch Skyler, a murderer sentenced to death in the electric chair at dawn, spreads the word through his lawyer that his $10,000,000 in gold will go to the man who kills Batman before Skyler walks the last mile. Batman and Robin, the latter of whom has recently dropped out of Hudson University, are attacked repeatedly by assassins out for the $10 million. At one point, Talia appears to save Batman from one of the killers and leaves with him, Robin going solo. Robin defies Batman's orders to stay put by trailing Tim Fox and preventing him and Ronald Watkins from blowing up the Wayne Foundation Building, ostensibly because Bruce Wayne owns some of the worst slum property in Gotham. Batman challenges his would-be killers to a stand at Grosvenor's Island and defeats them all, returning to help Robin capture Fox and Watkins. Robin, knowing a rift has begun to grow between him and Batman, informs his former mentor that they have to have a long talk. And Arch Stryker faces the electric chair at dawn.