Batman breaks into the Tobacconists Club to learn the whereabouts of Killer Croc from the club’s presiding officer, Filbert Hughes. Croc breaks into the Gotham City Jail and murders mob boss Tony Falco, the last obstacle to Croc’s climb to the top of Gotham’s underworld. But the jail’s alarms alert Batman and soon the Dark Knight and Croc are battling for the third time; a battle that ends quickly as Croc’s brute strength overwhelms Batman. Back at Wayne Manor, Dick Grayson becomes concerned with his asking the Todds to keep their eyes on the man running the protection racket on the Sloan Circus, fearing it is becoming too dangerous. Bruce becomes enraged and says he is tired of “citizens” waiting for someone else to save them and that the Todds made a commitment that they need to fulfill. Bruce’s outburst saddens Dick and he leaves the manor feeling that Bruce is “getting to be a stranger”. Bruce, sorry over his outburst towards Dick, calls Vickie Vale and apologizes for the things he said to her the night before, knowing the apology will never be enough. At the Sloan Circus, on the cliffs overlooking the New Jersey Palisades, Joe and Trina Todd follow the man working for Croc extorting money from the circus just as Dick arrives and learns of the Todds’ actions. Meanwhile at the Gotham City Zoo, the Todds find Killer Croc but soon learn they were expected.