"Second Chance"Edit

As Two-Face is robbing the Second National Bank of Gotham, Bruce Wayne is wrapping up a meeting with the board of the Gotham Memorial Hospital. After learning of Two-Face’s robbery from Commissioner Gordon, Batman heads to the Batcave looking for Robin. Alfred tells the Dark Knight that Jason has not been out of bed all day, but the teen gets dressed as Robin when told Two-Face has struck again. The duo tries to determine what Two-Face’s next hit will be and what the hit on the casino the previous night had to do with the villain’s penchant for the number two. The following evening, Commissioner Gordon accompanies Alfred to a double header baseball game where Two-Face holds up the box office. Batman and Robin intervene and disable Two-Face’s goons. Alone with the former D.A., Robin begins to choke Two-Face, calling him a murderer. But the villain breaks free of the teen’s grasp and heads across the baseball field before making his getaway. Back at the Batcave, Jason confronts Batman about his father’s murder at the hands of Two-Face. The Dark Knight admits it was wrong not to tell him, but he feared Jason’s thirst for revenge and not justice. Just then, Jason hits on what Two-Face’s next score will be. The next night, the dynamic duo prevents Two-Face from robbing the Lucky Dollar Casino for the second time.


"Second Chance"Edit